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Miller Park

Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, offers fans a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

And it truly is state-of-the-art. The signature fan-shaped convertible roof, a huge color replay board, four choices of front-row seats on four different levels and one of the nation's best youth baseball facilities make the Miller Park site one of baseball's crown jewels. A fan upon encountering the brick facade and structural elegance can't help but feel the reincarnation of baseball's romantic past. Manual scoreboards, intimate proximity to the players, natural grass, and a unique configuration separates this ballpark from any in the world.

"This is an awesome building and a great place to play," Brewers legend Jim Gantner said. "It doesn't have that closed-in feeling, like most domes do. They brought the outside in, so it's awesome."

Ballpark Stats

At A Glance

Name: Miller Park
Opened: 2001
Type: Retractable Roof / Natural Grass
Seating: 43,000
Avg. Ticket: $10

Park Effects

RH Batting Average: 105
LH Batting Average: 99
RH Home Run: 99
LH Home Run: 100
Doubles: 103
Triples: 97


LF Line: 320 (8')
Leftfield: 345 (8')
Left-Center: 377 (8')
Centerfield: 400 (8')
Right-Center: 374 (12')
Rightfield: 356 (12')
RF Line: 325 (12')

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