Chicago (A)
Chicago (A)
White Sox
White Sox
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Overall Batting Ratings & Talent
Paul Delaune31SSMajors2.58646786566
Robert Bailey27CFMajors2.58735786467
Michael Rogowski27LFMajors3.07995779856
Irvin Corso33CMajors3.07754687456
Domingo Mercado27SSMajors4.577101066610105
Robin Almendarez30LFMajors2.57768666795
Gustavo Monte283BMajors2.57656776577
Kyle Estelle21CMajors2.06553865638
Corey Leger282BMajors2.56764477653
Tracey Engelman261BMajors2.56668466794
Michael Tipps26LFMajors2.56763777646
George Zayas301BMajors2.05786757866
Albert Dearmas25CMajors3.04833687446
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