Los Angeles
Los Angeles
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Overall Batting Ratings & Talent
Bill Cuddy30CMajors3.58765587696
Kurtis Foster25CFMajors5.08875788866
George Camino31SSMajors3.0872105983106
Paul Trammel323BMajors3.08466694776
Carl House26LFMajors3.08867779676
Russell Lucus252BMajors3.0785106885107
Robert Mingus28RFMajors1.07532685436
Russell Heisler39CMajors1.06413464234
Angel Menendez27RFMajors2.56782777926
Antonio Vazquez243BMajors3.06686666876
Ramon Santiago301BMajors3.0651066661076
Robert Mitchell361BMajors1.55523465245
Ronaldo Perez37CMajors2.05644545555
Charles Voyles301BMajors1.55667566675
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