Chicago (N)
Chicago (N)
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Overall Batting Ratings & Talent
James Herrman311BMajors4.095967961076
William Gossman34SSMajors2.08532586535
Luke Haffner31CFMajors2.577396773107
Conrado Guevara322BMajors3.0776106876106
Dave Doriva283BMajors2.57683877937
John Mitchell30LFMajors3.5779107779107
Larry Stroh293BMajors2.06583674856
Hikosaburo Kang36CMajors3.0687106788106
Marcelo Huertas271BMajors2.06764667656
Kevin Earhart28SSMajors1.55563466545
Frederick Huckabee25RFMajors2.55785866867
Amadeo Ibarra32CMajors1.05414554245
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