Red Sox
Red Sox
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Overall Batting Ratings & Talent
Ernesto Delis31CFMajors4.5979107879108
Glenn Manzer28SSMajors4.58899888897
Jerald Mills261BMajors4.5879108869108
Bricio Raposa222BMajors3.57646686566
Gregory Pabst322BMajors2.57666576775
Nicholas Doney29LFMajors2.57665676656
Glen Maloney332BMajors1.05332564435
Rudolph Bangert30LFMajors1.05664456645
Everette Culp29RFMajors2.05574566845
Nickolas Clyburn29CMajors1.05512555236
Guy Hampton30CMajors1.04546546474
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