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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jairo AlmarazOverall Movement67
Jairo AlmarazStuff vs Lefties65
Jairo AlmarazMovement vs Lefties78
Jairo AlmarazMovement vs Righties67
James ChenowethStrikeouts vs Righties45
James ChenowethGap vs Righties56
James ChenowethOverall Strikeouts45
James ChenowethOverall Gap Power56
James ChenowethStrikeouts vs Lefties45
James ChenowethGap vs Lefties56
Jorge HidalgoOverall Power45
Jorge HidalgoPower vs Righties45
Jorge HidalgoGap vs Righties56
James JessopOverall Movement56
Harold LefebvreOverall Control12
Harold LefebvreControl vs Lefties23
Harold LefebvreControl vs Righties12
Jonathan OttStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Jonathan OttStrikeouts vs Righties45
Jonathan OttOverall Strikeouts45
Jonathan OttOverall Gap Power56
Faustino PessoaOverall Gap Power78
Richard ReamesContact vs Lefties45
Earl SeeleyStuff vs Lefties34
Caleb SherryMovement vs Lefties56
Caleb SherryMovement vs Righties34
Freddy SotoEye vs Righties45
Bill UnruhStrikeouts vs Righties45
Bill UnruhOverall Strikeouts45
Bill UnruhStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Richard VandornContact vs Lefties34
Kenneth VannormanGap vs Righties78
Kenneth VannormanOverall Gap Power78
Christian WedgeworthOverall Power12
Christian WedgeworthContact vs Righties23
Christian WedgeworthOverall Strikeouts23
Christian WedgeworthGap vs Lefties34
Christian WedgeworthPower vs Lefties12
Christian WedgeworthStrikeouts vs Righties23
Christian WedgeworthGap vs Righties34
Christian WedgeworthPower vs Righties12
Christian WedgeworthOverall Gap Power34
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Cruz CarrilloContact vs Lefties45
Kenneth VannormanOverall Contact67
Kenneth VannormanContact vs Righties67
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
James CranmerPitcher Range01
James CranmerPitcher Fielding PCT00.974
James CranmerPitchers Arm09
Roman GonzalesPitcher Range02
Roman GonzalesPitcher Fielding PCT00.982
Roman GonzalesPitchers Arm010
James JessopPitcher Range08
James JessopPitcher Fielding PCT00.930
James JessopPitchers Arm08
Roger KettnerPitchers Arm09
Roger KettnerPitcher Range02
Roger KettnerPitcher Fielding PCT00.969
Raphael MaldonadoMovement Talent35
Scott ParisiCatcher Arm07
Scott ParisiCatcher Range01
Scott ParisiPassed Ball04
Scott ParisiCatcher Fielding PCT00.975
Thomas PulidoPitcher Fielding PCT00.983
Thomas PulidoPitchers Arm08
Thomas PulidoPitcher Range03
Anthony SlaneContact vs Righties34
Christian WedgeworthCatcher Range05
Christian WedgeworthPassed Ball02
Christian WedgeworthCatcher Fielding PCT00.976
Christian WedgeworthCatcher Arm07
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