Chicago (A)
Chicago (A)
White Sox
White Sox
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ezra AlonsoEye vs Righties23
Ezra AlonsoPower vs Righties12
Ezra AlonsoOverall Power12
Ezra AlonsoOverall Eye23
Ezra AlonsoPower vs Lefties12
John BakerEye vs Righties56
Michale BirneyOverall Movement45
Michale BirneyMovement vs Righties45
Michale BirneyOverall Control56
Michael CutlipOverall Strikeouts12
Michael CutlipStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Michael CutlipStrikeouts vs Righties12
Luis DaileyOverall Gap Power56
Luis DaileyGap vs Lefties56
Luis DaileyGap vs Righties56
Ike FiorilloOverall Control12
Earnest HawsOverall Control45
Edward HesterOverall Movement67
Eldridge IvyStrikeouts vs Righties12
Eldridge IvyGap vs Lefties45
Eldridge IvyPower vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyOverall Strikeouts12
Eldridge IvyEye vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyGap vs Righties34
Eldridge IvyOverall Contact23
Eldridge IvyStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyOverall Gap Power34
Eldridge IvyOverall Power23
Walter JohnsonGap vs Lefties45
Walter JohnsonPower vs Righties23
Walter JohnsonOverall Power23
Walter JohnsonOverall Gap Power45
Walter JohnsonPower vs Lefties23
Bill KeachContact vs Lefties23
Robert MeekOverall Gap Power45
Robert MeekGap vs Lefties45
Ryan MosserOverall Gap Power34
Ryan MosserGap vs Righties34
Sadanori OtojiroMovement vs Righties34
Sadanori OtojiroOverall Movement34
Rogelio PalacioStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Rogelio PalacioStrikeouts vs Righties67
Rogelio PalacioOverall Strikeouts67
Jeffery PerezVelocity56
Jolbert RomanoVelocity56
Jolbert RomanoControl vs Lefties12
Alex SeguraControl vs Righties56
Clinton ShaughnessyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Jewel SimoesControl vs Righties67
Thomas UlrichVelocity78
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Fritz AlligoodOverall Contact45
Fritz AlligoodContact vs Lefties45
Fritz AlligoodContact vs Righties45
John BakerEye vs Lefties45
John BakerContact vs Lefties56
John BakerEye vs Righties45
John BakerOverall Eye45
John BakerOverall Contact56
Bernard WyattStuff vs Righties45
Bernard WyattOverall Stuff45
Bernard WyattStuff vs Lefties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ezra AlonsoCatcher Arm08
Ezra AlonsoCatcher Range05
Ezra AlonsoPassed Ball03
Ezra AlonsoCatcher Fielding PCT00.989
Earnest HawsPitcher Fielding PCT00.999
Earnest HawsPitchers Arm09
Earnest HawsPitcher Range05
Eldridge IvyShort Stop Range05
Eldridge IvyThird Base Range05
Eldridge IvyShort Stop Fielding PCT00.982
Eldridge Ivy3rd Base Fielding PCT00.942
Eldridge IvyShort Stop Arm09
Eldridge Ivy3rd Base Arm09
Walter JohnsonCatcher Arm04
Walter Johnson1st Base Fielding PCT00.994
Walter JohnsonCatcher Range06
Walter Johnson1st Base Arm02
Walter JohnsonPassed Ball03
Walter JohnsonCatcher Fielding PCT00.988
Walter Johnson1st Base Range04
Robert MeekGap vs Righties45
Ryan MosserCatcher Arm06
Ryan MosserCatcher Range05
Ryan MosserPassed Ball02
Ryan MosserCatcher Fielding PCT00.987
Pedro RomeoPitcher Range07
Pedro RomeoPitcher Fielding PCT00.937
Pedro RomeoPitchers Arm010
Daniel ThreattPitchers Arm09
Daniel ThreattPitcher Range02
Daniel ThreattPitcher Fielding PCT00.936
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