San Juan
San Juan
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ariel AriasOverall Gap Power67
Axel ArmenguerOverall Power12
Axel ArmenguerContact vs Righties23
Axel ArmenguerOverall Gap Power34
Axel ArmenguerPower vs Lefties12
Axel ArmenguerGap vs Lefties34
Axel ArmenguerPower vs Righties12
Orlando BadilloPower vs Lefties23
Orlando BadilloStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Orlando BadilloPower vs Righties23
Orlando BadilloOverall Power23
Gaby BarriosOverall Power12
Gaby BarriosPower vs Lefties12
Gaby BarriosPower vs Righties12
John BouchardOverall Control34
Ronald BowleyGap vs Righties56
Ronald BowleyOverall Contact23
Jose CamachoEye vs Lefties12
Matt CiscoOverall Control67
Benton DerrickOverall Strikeouts45
Pedro GonzalesOverall Strikeouts12
Pedro GonzalesOverall Gap Power56
Pedro GonzalesStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Pedro GonzalesGap vs Lefties56
Pedro GonzalesStrikeouts vs Righties12
Pedro GonzalesGap vs Righties56
Terrence HermanStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Terrence HermanEye vs Righties34
Terrence HermanOverall Eye34
Terrence HermanOverall Power45
Terrence HermanEye vs Lefties34
Matthew LawsonOverall Gap Power89
Amando MartinaGap vs Righties45
Gaspar MoralesMovement vs Righties45
Franky MoralesGap vs Lefties34
Gaspar MoralesControl vs Lefties34
Franky MoralesGap vs Righties34
Franky MoralesOverall Gap Power34
Franky MoralesPower vs Righties12
David MorejonGap vs Lefties45
David MorejonOverall Contact23
David MorejonOverall Power23
David MorejonPower vs Lefties23
Juan PoplinOverall Gap Power56
Jamaal WhyteControl vs Lefties12
Roque XiquesContact vs Lefties34
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Terrence HermanOverall Contact78
Terrence HermanContact vs Lefties78
Terrence HermanContact vs Righties78
Luis RodriguezOverall Contact45
Robert VidaurriStuff vs Righties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Axel ArmenguerRight Field Fielding PCT00.978
Axel ArmenguerLeft Field Fielding PCT00.992
Axel ArmenguerRight Field Arm04
Axel ArmenguerLeft Field Arm04
Axel ArmenguerRight Field Range05
Axel ArmenguerLeft Field Range05
Orlando BadilloRight Field Arm06
Orlando BadilloLeft Field Arm06
Orlando BadilloRight Field Range04
Orlando BadilloLeft Field Range02
Orlando BadilloRight Field Fielding PCT00.995
Orlando BadilloLeft Field Fielding PCT00.976
Gaby BarriosPassed Ball03
Gaby BarriosCatcher Fielding PCT00.985
Gaby BarriosCatcher Arm08
Gaby BarriosCatcher Range06
John BouchardPitchers Arm010
John BouchardPitcher Range010
John BouchardPitcher Fielding PCT00.952
Pelayo CobasContact Talent24
Pelayo CobasStrikeouts Talent45
Matthew LawsonOverall Strikeouts43
Matthew LawsonStrikeouts vs Lefties43
Matthew LawsonStrikeouts vs Righties43
Benny MachadoPitchers Arm010
Benny MachadoPitcher Range09
Benny MachadoPitcher Fielding PCT00.999
David Morejon2nd Base Fielding PCT00.986
David Morejon2nd Base Arm05
David Morejon2nd Base Range07
Keith ScottPitcher Fielding PCT00.984
Keith ScottPitchers Arm08
Keith ScottPitcher Range02
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