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PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Claudio ArceStrikeouts vs Righties12
Claudio ArceGap vs Righties45
Claudio ArceOverall Strikeouts12
Claudio ArceOverall Gap Power45
Claudio ArceStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Claudio ArceGap vs Lefties45
Alberto BaqueStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Steve BinderControl vs Righties45
Steve BinderOverall Control45
David BoutonEye vs Lefties23
David BoutonPower vs Righties23
David BoutonOverall Power23
David BoutonPower vs Lefties23
Walter BrucknerOverall Gap Power56
Walter BrucknerGap vs Lefties56
Walter BrucknerContact vs Lefties34
Damian CeballosEye vs Lefties23
Damian CeballosOverall Strikeouts45
Jamel EdelsonControl vs Lefties78
Kristofer JantzContact vs Lefties23
Richard KaminskyOverall Eye34
Jesse KelleyOverall Gap Power56
Jesse KelleyOverall Strikeouts34
Jesse KelleyGap vs Righties56
Jesse KelleyStrikeouts vs Righties34
Ellis MenchacaVelocity67
Ellis MenchacaControl vs Lefties45
Nicholas RotellaEye vs Lefties45
Nicholas RotellaEye vs Righties45
Nicholas RotellaOverall Eye45
Forest SchoolerMovement vs Lefties45
Tony SilvaStrikeouts vs Righties23
Tony SilvaOverall Strikeouts23
Tony SilvaOverall Gap Power56
Tony SilvaStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Tony SilvaGap vs Lefties56
Soh TadiyukiOverall Contact56
Soh TadiyukiContact vs Righties56
Daniel TateContact vs Righties34
Sebastian TrevinoEye vs Lefties67
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jeromy CrawfordStuff vs Righties45
Jeromy CrawfordOverall Stuff45
Jeromy CrawfordDuration45
Jeromy CrawfordStuff vs Lefties45
Jeromy CrawfordMovement vs Righties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Claudio Arce2nd Base Fielding PCT00.978
Claudio Arce2nd Base Arm03
Claudio Arce2nd Base Range04
Alberto BaqueRight Field Fielding PCT00.982
Alberto BaqueCenter Field Fielding PCT00.978
Alberto BaqueLeft Field Fielding PCT00.997
Alberto BaqueRight Field Arm04
Alberto BaqueCenter Field Arm04
Alberto BaqueLeft Field Arm04
Alberto BaqueRight Field Range05
Alberto BaqueCenter Field Range04
Alberto BaqueLeft Field Range07
Taylor BreenContact vs Righties87
Taylor BreenStrikeouts Talent76
Taylor BreenStrikeouts vs Righties87
Taylor BreenEye vs Lefties87
Taylor BreenOverall Contact87
Taylor BreenOverall Strikeouts87
Taylor BreenEye Talent97
Taylor BreenEye vs Righties87
Taylor BreenContact vs Lefties76
Taylor BreenStrikeouts vs Lefties76
Taylor BreenOverall Eye87
Taylor BreenContact Talent87
David ClarkControl Talent54
Jesse KelleyPassed Ball02
Jesse KelleyCatcher Fielding PCT00.981
Jesse KelleyCatcher Arm04
Jesse KelleyCatcher Range05
Herschel Minick2nd Base Fielding PCT00.991
Herschel Minick2nd Base Arm03
Herschel Minick2nd Base Range04
Paul SchockControl Talent46
Tony SilvaPassed Ball00
Tony SilvaCatcher Fielding PCT00.975
Tony SilvaCatcher Arm05
Tony SilvaCatcher Range08
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