San Francisco
San Francisco
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jose ArangoOverall Contact23
Jose ArangoContact vs Lefties23
Michael BeggsOverall Control34
Michael BeggsControl vs Lefties45
Devin DaigneaultOverall Eye12
Devin DaigneaultEye vs Lefties12
Nathan FerraraControl vs Lefties23
Nathan FerraraOverall Control23
Herbert FrancisPower vs Righties78
Herbert FrancisOverall Eye78
Herbert FrancisOverall Power78
Herbert FrancisEye vs Lefties79
Herbert FrancisPower vs Lefties78
Herbert FrancisEye vs Righties78
Terrance HanselControl vs Righties56
Joseph LiraEye vs Lefties23
Joseph LiraPower vs Lefties12
Joseph LiraEye vs Righties23
Joseph LiraPower vs Righties12
Joseph LiraOverall Eye23
Joseph LiraOverall Power12
Brandon NewtonEye vs Lefties12
Brandon NewtonPower vs Righties45
Brandon NewtonOverall Power45
Brandon NewtonPower vs Lefties45
Leon RiosOverall Movement34
Leon RiosMovement vs Righties45
Manuel SanchezOverall Power78
Eugene ValtierraVelocity56
Eugene ValtierraMovement vs Lefties56
Mathew VivancoControl vs Righties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Syaoran AnzaiRight Field Arm06
Syaoran AnzaiLeft Field Arm06
Syaoran AnzaiRight Field Range03
Syaoran AnzaiLeft Field Range03
Syaoran AnzaiRight Field Fielding PCT00.982
Syaoran AnzaiLeft Field Fielding PCT00.982
Michael BeggsPitchers Arm09
Michael BeggsPitcher Range07
Michael BeggsPitcher Fielding PCT00.981
Silverio BoudetPower vs Lefties64
Silverio BoudetPower Talent54
Silverio BoudetPower vs Righties64
Silverio BoudetOverall Power64
Antonio DominguesMovement Talent67
Antonio DominguesControl Talent56
Antonio DominguesStuff Talent67
Terrance HanselStuff vs Lefties23
Joseph LiraCatcher Arm05
Joseph LiraCatcher Range09
Joseph LiraPassed Ball03
Joseph LiraCatcher Fielding PCT00.974
Raymond NewburnPitchers Arm010
Raymond NewburnPitcher Range07
Raymond NewburnPitcher Fielding PCT00.954
Eddie SethRight Field Range01
Eddie SethLeft Field Range02
Eddie SethRight Field Fielding PCT00.988
Eddie SethLeft Field Fielding PCT00.979
Eddie SethRight Field Arm06
Eddie SethLeft Field Arm06
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