San Diego
San Diego
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Benicio CadenaPower vs Lefties89
Alvaro CurbeloVelocity56
Ricky FabianoContact vs Righties67
Wilson FloresVelocity34
Pio GuadalupeMovement vs Lefties67
Andrew HankePower vs Righties45
Andrew HankeOverall Power45
Andrew HankeContact vs Lefties34
Andrew HankePower vs Lefties45
Gustavo JuarezEye vs Righties45
Gustavo JuarezOverall Eye45
William KammerOverall Movement45
Ronald KaplanControl vs Lefties56
Ronald KaplanOverall Control56
Bernard LeiserOverall Strikeouts56
Bernard LeiserOverall Power34
Bernard LeiserStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Bernard LeiserPower vs Lefties34
Bernard LeiserStrikeouts vs Righties56
Bernard LeiserPower vs Righties34
Fred MarcheseEye vs Lefties34
Rodolfo MestasStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Rodolfo MestasGap vs Righties45
Rodolfo MestasOverall Gap Power45
Rodolfo MestasContact vs Lefties34
Rodolfo MestasGap vs Lefties45
Thomas OutlawPower vs Lefties34
Thomas OutlawOverall Eye12
Thomas OutlawEye vs Lefties12
Jamie SchuetzPower vs Righties34
Jamie SchuetzOverall Power34
John SilerOverall Strikeouts23
John SilerGap vs Lefties45
John SilerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
John SilerContact vs Lefties34
John SilerStrikeouts vs Righties23
Jon StatesStrikeouts vs Righties56
Jon StatesEye vs Lefties34
Gary SuOverall Stuff12
Gary SuStuff vs Righties12
Nathan WallisMovement vs Righties45
Nathan WallisOverall Movement45
Nathan WallisMovement vs Lefties67
Paul YamashitaOverall Eye12
Collin YungOverall Eye23
Collin YungGap vs Righties78
Collin YungEye vs Righties23
Collin YungOverall Gap Power78
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ricky FabianoEye vs Lefties67
Ricky FabianoPower vs Righties89
Ricky FabianoEye vs Righties67
Ricky FabianoOverall Contact56
Ricky FabianoOverall Eye67
Ricky FabianoOverall Power89
Ricky FabianoContact vs Righties56
Jon StatesGap vs Righties67
Jon StatesPower vs Righties45
Jon StatesContact vs Righties56
Jon StatesOverall Power45
Jon StatesOverall Contact56
Jon StatesPower vs Lefties45
Jon StatesContact vs Lefties56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Robert BramlettShort Stop Range06
Robert BramlettThird Base Range08
Robert Bramlett2nd Base Range08
Robert BramlettShort Stop Fielding PCT00.954
Robert Bramlett3rd Base Fielding PCT00.950
Robert Bramlett2nd Base Fielding PCT00.980
Robert BramlettShort Stop Arm08
Robert Bramlett3rd Base Arm08
Robert Bramlett2nd Base Arm08
Ricky FabianoEye Talent89
Ricky FabianoPower Talent810
Pio GuadalupePitcher Fielding PCT00.906
Pio GuadalupePitchers Arm08
Pio GuadalupePitcher Range09
Samuel LugoPitcher Range05
Samuel LugoPitcher Fielding PCT00.994
Samuel LugoPitchers Arm09
Rodolfo Mestas2nd Base Range02
Rodolfo Mestas2nd Base Fielding PCT00.984
Rodolfo Mestas2nd Base Arm05
John SilerRight Field Range09
John SilerCenter Field Range08
John SilerLeft Field Range07
John SilerRight Field Fielding PCT00.980
John SilerCenter Field Fielding PCT00.996
John SilerLeft Field Fielding PCT00.982
John SilerRight Field Arm04
John SilerCenter Field Arm04
John SilerLeft Field Arm04
Gary SuPitchers Arm010
Gary SuPitcher Range010
Gary SuPitcher Fielding PCT00.904
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