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Los Angeles
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Oscar BatistaOverall Eye34
Oscar BatistaGap vs Lefties56
Xavier CerdaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Xavier CerdaPower vs Lefties34
Xavier CerdaOverall Strikeouts56
Xavier CerdaOverall Gap Power56
Xavier CerdaPower vs Righties34
Xavier CerdaStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Xavier CerdaOverall Power34
Charles CliffordOverall Stuff23
Jeffrey CothernMovement vs Righties34
Jordon GibbGap vs Lefties910
Russell HillControl vs Righties45
Russell HillOverall Control45
Russell HillStuff vs Righties56
Russell HillControl vs Lefties34
Shannon JungControl vs Lefties67
Markus KottContact vs Righties23
Anthony KrakerEye vs Lefties23
Anthony KrakerContact vs Lefties34
Juan Losada Jr.Strikeouts vs Lefties67
Russell LucusEye vs Lefties910
William MerkelOverall Power12
William MerkelPower vs Lefties12
William MerkelContact vs Lefties12
Warren MoonStuff vs Lefties89
Robert MoroneyStrikeouts vs Righties45
Robert MoroneyOverall Strikeouts45
Robert MoroneyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Donald MorrowMovement vs Lefties56
Cory NixonEye vs Lefties34
George PlazasVelocity45
Jacinto QuintanaStuff vs Lefties54
Jacinto QuintanaMovement vs Lefties34
Pedro RaoControl vs Lefties56
Joel SalvaggioControl vs Lefties910
Joel SalvaggioControl vs Righties910
Joel SalvaggioOverall Control910
Ryan ShorStuff vs Lefties89
Caleb SinkOverall Gap Power45
Caleb SinkGap vs Righties45
Robert SwigartMovement vs Righties78
Robert SwigartStuff vs Lefties23
Robert SwigartOverall Movement78
Robert SwigartOverall Control12
Robert SwigartMovement vs Lefties78
Robert SwigartControl vs Lefties12
Sean UbarriStuff vs Lefties67
Sean UbarriOverall Stuff67
Aragorou YachiGap vs Righties56
Aragorou YachiContact vs Righties34
Aragorou YachiOverall Gap Power56
Aragorou YachiOverall Contact34
Aragorou YachiGap vs Lefties56
Aragorou YachiContact vs Lefties34
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Juan Losada Jr.Overall Power34
Juan Losada Jr.Contact vs Lefties34
Juan Losada Jr.Power vs Righties34
Juan Losada Jr.Contact vs Righties34
Juan Losada Jr.Overall Contact34
Donald MorrowOverall Control34
Donald MorrowStuff vs Lefties56
Donald MorrowOverall Movement67
Donald MorrowControl vs Righties34
Donald MorrowStuff vs Righties56
Donald MorrowMovement vs Righties67
Donald MorrowOverall Stuff56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Patrick GourleyPitchers Arm09
Patrick GourleyPitcher Range03
Patrick GourleyPitcher Fielding PCT00.930
Russell HillPitcher Range06
Russell HillPitcher Fielding PCT00.917
Russell HillPitchers Arm010
Anthony KrakerStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Anthony KrakerPower Talent13
Anthony KrakerStrikeouts vs Righties56
Anthony KrakerContact Talent57
Anthony KrakerOverall Strikeouts56
Anthony KrakerEye Talent35
Joe LordPitchers Arm010
Joe LordPitcher Range04
Joe LordPitcher Fielding PCT00.903
Raul MedinaPitcher Range05
Raul MedinaPitcher Fielding PCT00.902
Raul MedinaPitchers Arm010
William MerkelShort Stop Arm06
William MerkelShort Stop Range01
William MerkelShort Stop Fielding PCT00.957
Andrew MorganLeft Field Range04
Andrew MorganLeft Field Fielding PCT00.992
Andrew MorganLeft Field Arm04
Jacinto QuintanaMovement vs Lefties63
Jacinto QuintanaMovement Talent64
Jacinto QuintanaMovement vs Righties63
Jacinto QuintanaOverall Movement63
Jacinto QuintanaStuff vs Lefties45
Robert SwigartPitcher Fielding PCT00.960
Robert SwigartPitchers Arm09
Robert SwigartPitcher Range07
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