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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Mark BorowskiGap vs Righties56
Mark BorowskiEye vs Lefties12
Mark BorowskiContact vs Righties23
Mark BorowskiOverall Gap Power56
Napoleon CantonStrikeouts vs Righties34
Charles ConwayOverall Contact34
Charles ConwayEye vs Righties23
David CooperOverall Strikeouts34
David CooperGap vs Righties56
David CooperStrikeouts vs Lefties34
David CooperStrikeouts vs Righties34
Michael DelaneyContact vs Lefties34
Orlando DominguezOverall Gap Power56
Alden GernerEye vs Lefties23
Alden GernerContact vs Lefties23
Carlton GirouxMovement vs Lefties34
Michael HaskinStrikeouts vs Righties45
Michael HaskinOverall Strikeouts45
Michael HaskinStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Dave MoodyControl vs Lefties56
John RatcliffGap vs Lefties78
John ShawverEye vs Lefties23
Diego ShigochiyoOverall Contact45
Diego ShigochiyoGap vs Righties56
Scott ToddGap vs Righties67
Scott ToddContact vs Lefties45
Scott ToddOverall Gap Power67
Scott ToddOverall Power45
Scott ToddGap vs Lefties67
Scott ToddPower vs Righties45
Jerry UrichOverall Gap Power67
Jerry UrichPower vs Righties34
Jerry UrichGap vs Righties67
Jerry UrichOverall Power34
Mohammad WilkinsMovement vs Righties67
Mohammad WilkinsOverall Movement67
Mohammad WilkinsMovement vs Lefties67
Roberto ZavaletaGap vs Righties45
Roberto ZavaletaOverall Gap Power45
Roberto ZavaletaContact vs Righties23
Roberto ZavaletaGap vs Lefties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Thomas BauderOverall Contact34
Aaron BrownGap vs Lefties34
Aaron BrownContact Talent24
Aaron BrownStrikeouts Talent57
Napoleon CantonStrikeouts Talent56
Napoleon CantonContact Talent57
Jeffrey Connell2nd Base Range010
Jeffrey Connell2nd Base Fielding PCT00.995
Jeffrey Connell2nd Base Arm05
Carlton GirouxPitcher Fielding PCT00.945
Carlton GirouxPitchers Arm010
Carlton GirouxPitcher Range05
Andre JimenezPitcher Fielding PCT00.933
Andre JimenezPitchers Arm08
Andre JimenezPitcher Range010
Weston MarkovichLeft Field Fielding PCT00.997
Weston MarkovichLeft Field Arm04
Weston MarkovichLeft Field Range01
Christopher SmithMovement Talent64
Christopher SmithMovement vs Righties63
Christopher SmithOverall Stuff43
Christopher SmithOverall Movement63
Christopher SmithControl Talent54
Christopher SmithStuff vs Lefties53
Christopher SmithMovement vs Lefties74
Christopher SmithStuff Talent53
Christopher SmithStuff vs Righties43
George StrodeLeft Field Range05
George StrodeLeft Field Fielding PCT00.996
George StrodeLeft Field Arm09
Roberto Zavaleta1st Base Range06
Roberto Zavaleta1st Base Fielding PCT00.988
Roberto Zavaleta1st Base Arm02
Bill ZenonThird Base Range04
Bill Zenon3rd Base Fielding PCT00.938
Bill Zenon3rd Base Arm09
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