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PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jose AlvaradoStrikeouts vs Righties12
Jose AlvaradoGap vs Righties45
Jose AlvaradoPower vs Righties12
Jose AlvaradoOverall Gap Power45
Jose AlvaradoOverall Power12
Jose AlvaradoContact vs Lefties12
Jose AlvaradoOverall Strikeouts12
Jose AlvaradoGap vs Lefties35
Jose AlvaradoPower vs Lefties12
Jose AlvaradoContact vs Righties23
Padoreigu AtshushiOverall Strikeouts45
Padoreigu AtshushiStrikeouts vs Righties45
Padoreigu AtshushiEye vs Lefties34
Clifton GodwinEye vs Righties34
David LongControl vs Lefties12
Charles LuizOverall Movement76
Rick McSweeneyOverall Contact56
Mark MorrowOverall Power45
Mark MorrowPower vs Righties45
Evaristo OcampoOverall Gap Power78
Evaristo OcampoGap vs Lefties78
Segundo PiņeiroEye vs Righties34
Segundo PiņeiroOverall Eye34
Segundo PiņeiroPower vs Lefties78
Segundo PiņeiroEye vs Lefties34
Brice RiffleStuff vs Righties34
Adrian RodarteControl vs Lefties23
Adrian RodarteControl vs Righties23
Adrian RodarteOverall Control23
Robert SatterleeEye vs Lefties34
Robert SatterleeOverall Contact34
Jude StarkeyGap vs Lefties45
Jude StarkeyPower vs Righties12
Jude StarkeyOverall Power12
Jude StarkeyStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Jude StarkeyPower vs Lefties12
John WilliamsOverall Contact23
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ryan LavallePower vs Righties45
Ryan LavalleContact vs Righties67
Ryan LavalleOverall Power45
Ryan LavalleOverall Contact67
Ryan LavallePower vs Lefties34
Ryan LavalleContact vs Lefties56
Rick McSweeneyOverall Power45
Rick McSweeneyContact vs Righties56
Rick McSweeneyOverall Eye23
Rick McSweeneyPower vs Righties56
Rick McSweeneyEye vs Righties23
Rick McSweeneyOverall Contact45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jose AlvaradoCenter Field Arm04
Jose AlvaradoLeft Field Arm04
Jose AlvaradoCenter Field Range04
Jose AlvaradoLeft Field Range04
Jose AlvaradoCenter Field Fielding PCT00.998
Jose AlvaradoLeft Field Fielding PCT00.980
Julio CamarilloLeft Field Range06
Julio CamarilloLeft Field Fielding PCT00.986
Julio CamarilloLeft Field Arm04
Leo FusterLeft Field Range06
Leo FusterLeft Field Fielding PCT00.984
Leo FusterLeft Field Arm03
Brice RifflePitcher Fielding PCT00.997
Brice RifflePitchers Arm09
Brice RifflePitcher Range02
Adrian RodartePitcher Range05
Adrian RodartePitcher Fielding PCT00.993
Adrian RodartePitchers Arm010
Clark StellerGap vs Lefties56
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