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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Albert AbarcaEye vs Lefties45
Leon BorrasOverall Gap Power56
Leon BorrasGap vs Righties56
Eden FernandezGap vs Lefties56
Eden FernandezOverall Gap Power56
Derek HockettOverall Strikeouts45
Derek HockettStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Derek HockettStrikeouts vs Righties45
David JonesOverall Gap Power56
David JonesGap vs Lefties56
James LinzyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
James LinzyStrikeouts vs Righties45
James LinzyOverall Strikeouts45
James MalkinPower vs Lefties23
James MalkinPower vs Righties23
James MalkinOverall Power23
Frank MaloneOverall Contact23
Maels MonizControl vs Righties34
Maels MonizStuff vs Righties34
Maels MonizOverall Stuff34
Maels MonizStuff vs Lefties34
Alberto PaganoGap vs Lefties45
Alberto PaganoContact vs Righties12
Alberto PaganoEye vs Righties12
Alberto SalzerMovement vs Righties43
Alberto SalzerOverall Control98
Emil VallejoVelocity67
Ruperto VillanuevaGap vs Righties56
Ruperto VillanuevaOverall Gap Power56
Albert WeirOverall Strikeouts45
Albert WeirStrikeouts vs Righties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
James LinzyEye vs Lefties34
James LinzyEye vs Righties34
James LinzyOverall Eye34
Albert WeirEye vs Lefties34
Albert WeirContact vs Lefties56
Albert WeirEye vs Righties34
Albert WeirContact vs Righties67
Albert WeirOverall Eye34
Albert WeirOverall Contact56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Alfredo Arguello2nd Base Arm04
Alfredo Arguello2nd Base Range08
Alfredo Arguello2nd Base Fielding PCT00.978
Sterling DoylePitchers Arm010
Sterling DoylePitcher Range05
Sterling DoylePitcher Fielding PCT00.915
Jordan EichornCenter Field Arm08
Jordan EichornCenter Field Range04
Jordan EichornCenter Field Fielding PCT00.990
Craig GreenlyPitcher Range03
Craig GreenlyPitcher Fielding PCT00.945
Craig GreenlyPitchers Arm09
James LazzaroStuff Talent46
Aaron MeadeThird Base Range03
Aaron Meade1st Base Range05
Aaron Meade3rd Base Fielding PCT00.974
Aaron Meade1st Base Fielding PCT00.991
Aaron Meade3rd Base Arm010
Aaron Meade1st Base Arm010
Maels MonizPitcher Range09
Maels MonizPitcher Fielding PCT00.917
Maels MonizPitchers Arm010
Emil VallejoPitchers Arm09
Emil VallejoPitcher Range05
Emil VallejoPitcher Fielding PCT00.972
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