Chicago (N)
Chicago (N)
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PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Chad AlardOverall Contact23
Chad AlardContact vs Lefties23
Chad AlardGap vs Righties45
Chad AlardContact vs Righties23
Christopher BallewOverall Movement78
Christopher BallewStuff vs Righties56
Christopher BallewMovement vs Lefties78
Christopher BallewMovement vs Righties78
Willis CataniaOverall Contact23
Edward ClarkEye vs Righties45
Roger CubillanOverall Strikeouts56
Roger CubillanOverall Eye12
Roger CubillanOverall Contact34
Roger CubillanStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Roger CubillanEye vs Lefties12
Roger CubillanContact vs Righties34
Roger CubillanStrikeouts vs Righties56
Roger CubillanEye vs Righties12
Santos DiazStrikeouts vs Righties67
Santos DiazOverall Strikeouts67
Santos DiazStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Bill DinapoliVelocity67
Bill DinapoliControl vs Lefties56
Thomas FieldsControl vs Lefties45
James FreedmanGap vs Lefties56
James FreedmanOverall Contact34
James FreedmanOverall Gap Power56
James GibsonEye vs Righties34
James GibsonPower vs Lefties12
James GibsonOverall Strikeouts23
James GibsonGap vs Lefties23
James GibsonEye vs Lefties23
James GibsonGap vs Righties34
Scottie HoyleEye vs Lefties23
Marcelo HuertasEye vs Lefties34
Marcelo HuertasOverall Eye34
Brian JaggersEye vs Righties45
Kyle LewandowskiOverall Power23
Kyle LewandowskiPower vs Lefties23
Kyle LewandowskiPower vs Righties23
Roberto MarquesShort Stop Range45
Roberto MarquesEye vs Righties23
Roberto MarquesPower vs Righties45
Roberto MarquesContact vs Righties56
Roberto MarquesOverall Eye23
Roberto MarquesOverall Power45
Roberto MarquesOverall Contact56
Roberto MarquesEye vs Lefties23
Roberto MarquesPower vs Lefties45
Roberto MarquesContact vs Lefties56
Gaby MingoOverall Movement67
Gaby MingoMovement vs Lefties67
Gaby MingoMovement vs Righties67
Hiroo MitoEye vs Lefties23
Vevei MunemoriOverall Contact45
Vevei MunemoriOverall Eye23
Vevei MunemoriEye vs Righties23
Oscar SantanaDuration45
Geraldo SotoOverall Power12
Geraldo SotoOverall Eye12
Geraldo SotoPower vs Lefties12
Geraldo SotoEye vs Lefties12
Geraldo SotoPower vs Righties12
Larry StrohEye vs Righties23
Larry StrohOverall Eye23
James TiradoOverall Power56
James TiradoOverall Contact67
James TiradoStrikeouts vs Lefties67
James TiradoPower vs Lefties57
James TiradoContact vs Lefties67
James TiradoGap vs Lefties56
James TiradoPower vs Righties56
James TiradoContact vs Righties68
Roberto TorresVelocity56
Roberto TorresControl vs Righties56
Troy WinsteadOverall Power23
Troy WinsteadPower vs Lefties23
Troy WinsteadPower vs Righties23
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Chad AlardPassed Ball02
Chad AlardCatcher Fielding PCT00.983
Chad AlardCatcher Arm07
Chad AlardCatcher Range04
Willis CataniaCatcher Range06
Willis CataniaPassed Ball02
Willis CataniaCatcher Fielding PCT00.977
Willis CataniaCatcher Arm02
John CaytonCatcher Range05
John CaytonPassed Ball02
John CaytonCatcher Fielding PCT00.984
John CaytonCatcher Arm03
James GibsonCatcher Range05
James GibsonPassed Ball02
James GibsonCatcher Fielding PCT00.990
James GibsonCatcher Arm03
Barry HaugPitcher Fielding PCT00.930
Barry HaugPitchers Arm010
Barry HaugPitcher Range05
Jesus TorresPitcher Fielding PCT00.994
Jesus TorresPitchers Arm09
Jesus TorresPitcher Range07
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