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Red Sox
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Ricky ArispeControl vs Righties12
Calixto CruzControl vs Righties45
Benjamin FryerOverall Contact34
Benjamin FryerOverall Eye45
Benjamin FryerContact vs Lefties34
Benjamin FryerEye vs Righties45
Benjamin FryerContact vs Righties34
Richard GreeneControl vs Righties23
Youjirou HidehiraGap vs Lefties45
Youjirou HidehiraGap vs Righties45
Youjirou HidehiraOverall Gap Power45
Koutarou JunzoGap vs Lefties34
Jorge LabastillaOverall Strikeouts12
Jorge LabastillaStrikeouts vs Righties12
Jimmy McMahonOverall Power23
Jimmy McMahonOverall Contact34
Jimmy McMahonPower vs Lefties23
Jimmy McMahonContact vs Lefties34
Jimmy McMahonPower vs Righties23
Baltasar MelendrezStuff vs Lefties34
Robert OyamaMovement vs Lefties34
Henry ParishMovement vs Lefties54
Henry ParishMovement vs Righties54
Henry ParishOverall Movement54
Francisco PerezStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Francisco PerezGap vs Righties45
Francisco PerezContact vs Righties34
Francisco PerezStrikeouts vs Righties45
Francisco PerezOverall Contact34
Francisco PerezGap vs Lefties34
Francisco PerezContact vs Lefties23
Bricio RaposaStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Bricio RaposaEye vs Lefties56
Eddie ReyesControl vs Lefties45
Hans RymanStuff vs Lefties45
Christopher StellaOverall Control67
Richard WorrallGap vs Righties45
Richard WorrallOverall Gap Power45
Richard WorrallContact vs Righties23
Richard WorrallGap vs Lefties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Frank CalawayPitcher Fielding PCT00.993
Frank CalawayPitchers Arm010
Frank CalawayPitcher Range07
Roman CuevasPitcher Fielding PCT00.934
Roman CuevasPitchers Arm010
Roman CuevasPitcher Range07
Jorge Labastilla1st Base Arm02
Jorge LabastillaPassed Ball02
Jorge LabastillaCatcher Fielding PCT00.983
Jorge Labastilla1st Base Range08
Jorge LabastillaCatcher Arm05
Jorge Labastilla1st Base Fielding PCT00.993
Jorge LabastillaCatcher Range08
Ernest McDonaldLeft Field Fielding PCT00.992
Ernest McDonaldLeft Field Arm09
Ernest McDonaldLeft Field Range07
Alva MendiolaPitcher Fielding PCT00.914
Alva MendiolaPitchers Arm09
Alva MendiolaPitcher Range09
Sergio RuelasDuration43
Sergio RuelasStuff Talent21
Melvin SaenzShort Stop Fielding PCT00.950
Melvin Saenz2nd Base Fielding PCT00.988
Melvin SaenzShort Stop Arm06
Melvin Saenz2nd Base Arm06
Melvin SaenzShort Stop Range04
Melvin Saenz2nd Base Range07
Patrick VerdiOverall Contact34
Patrick VerdiContact vs Righties34
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