New York (N)
New York (N)
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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Stephen AndersonOverall Strikeouts56
Stephen AndersonStrikeouts vs Righties56
John BoylandPower vs Lefties45
John BoylandPower vs Righties45
John BoylandOverall Power45
Ben CarreraOverall Stuff23
Ben CarreraStuff vs Righties23
Cosme EchevarriaGap vs Lefties56
Cosme EchevarriaGap vs Righties56
Cosme EchevarriaOverall Gap Power56
Arlie HenryPower vs Lefties23
Arlie HenryPower vs Righties23
Arlie HenryOverall Power23
Lucio MejiasOverall Gap Power56
Lucio MejiasGap vs Righties56
Lucio MejiasContact vs Lefties67
Roman MonroyControl vs Righties23
Michael RemickEye vs Lefties23
John SeoStrikeouts vs Righties23
John SeoOverall Power12
John SeoOverall Gap Power45
John SeoPower vs Lefties12
John SeoOverall Strikeouts23
John SeoGap vs Righties45
John SeoPower vs Righties12
Mac SudduthEye vs Lefties45
David VegaStuff vs Righties34
Doug WilsonStuff vs Lefties34
Doug WilsonControl vs Righties23
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Stephen AndersonContact Talent68
Stephen AndersonStrikeouts Talent57
Douglas BlanchardRight Field Fielding PCT00.980
Douglas BlanchardRight Field Arm010
Douglas BlanchardRight Field Range05
Arlie HenryRight Field Range05
Arlie HenryRight Field Fielding PCT00.982
Arlie HenryRight Field Arm09
Peter KennedyPitchers Arm010
Peter KennedyPitcher Range03
Peter KennedyPitcher Fielding PCT00.927
Roman MonroyPitcher Range010
Roman MonroyPitcher Fielding PCT00.982
Roman MonroyPitchers Arm010
Michael Remick1st Base Fielding PCT00.996
Michael Remick1st Base Arm01
Michael Remick1st Base Range03
John Seo2nd Base Arm04
John Seo2nd Base Range03
John Seo2nd Base Fielding PCT00.983
Joseph TawneyPower vs Lefties54
Joseph TawneyPower vs Righties54
Joseph TawneyOverall Power54
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