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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Willie AllenOverall Strikeouts56
Willie AllenGap vs Righties67
Willie AllenStrikeouts vs Righties56
Willie AllenOverall Gap Power67
Juan CorradoEye vs Righties34
Phillip DelacerdaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Alvin Duhr Jr.Strikeouts vs Righties23
Alvin Duhr Jr.Power vs Lefties12
Alvin Duhr Jr.Overall Contact23
Ivan FerrerStrikeouts vs Righties34
Ivan FerrerGap vs Righties34
Ivan FerrerPower vs Righties12
Ivan FerrerOverall Strikeouts34
Ivan FerrerOverall Gap Power34
Ivan FerrerOverall Power12
Ivan FerrerContact vs Lefties12
Ivan FerrerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Ivan FerrerGap vs Lefties34
Ivan FerrerPower vs Lefties12
Caleb LissOverall Control67
Caleb LissControl vs Righties67
Caleb LissStuff vs Righties67
Pedro MayaGap vs Lefties56
Pedro MayaGap vs Righties56
Pedro MayaOverall Gap Power56
Luis PinckneyOverall Control23
Donald VercherPower vs Lefties34
Donald VercherGap vs Lefties45
Donald VercherPower vs Righties34
Donald VercherOverall Power34
Donald VercherOverall Gap Power45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Vicente EscobedoOverall Stuff56
Vicente EscobedoStuff vs Lefties56
Vicente EscobedoStuff vs Righties56
Mariano SaavedraDuration56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Sal BallesterosPower vs Righties32
Sal BallesterosOverall Power32
Alvin Duhr Jr.Left Field Fielding PCT00.978
Alvin Duhr Jr.Right Field Arm03
Alvin Duhr Jr.Center Field Arm03
Alvin Duhr Jr.Left Field Arm03
Alvin Duhr Jr.Right Field Range04
Alvin Duhr Jr.Center Field Range04
Alvin Duhr Jr.Left Field Range03
Alvin Duhr Jr.Right Field Fielding PCT00.983
Alvin Duhr Jr.Center Field Fielding PCT00.981
Tommy FelizPitchers Arm09
Tommy FelizPitcher Range09
Tommy FelizPitcher Fielding PCT00.937
Christopher FosterPitcher Fielding PCT00.984
Christopher FosterPitchers Arm010
Christopher FosterPitcher Range05
Chris JanisPitchers Arm08
Chris JanisPitcher Range03
Chris JanisPitcher Fielding PCT00.933
Juan Lopez2nd Base Arm05
Juan Lopez2nd Base Range02
Juan Lopez2nd Base Fielding PCT00.979
Wilfredo Orozco1st Base Arm04
Wilfredo Orozco1st Base Range04
Wilfredo Orozco1st Base Fielding PCT00.990
Louis SantosPitcher Fielding PCT00.920
Louis SantosPitchers Arm08
Louis SantosPitcher Range03
Nathan WattsShort Stop Fielding PCT00.952
Nathan Watts2nd Base Fielding PCT00.985
Nathan WattsShort Stop Arm06
Nathan Watts2nd Base Arm06
Nathan WattsShort Stop Range02
Nathan Watts2nd Base Range06
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