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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Bernardo AlfaroMovement vs Lefties34
Harold BakerOverall Strikeouts45
Harold BakerOverall Eye34
Harold BakerPower vs Righties23
Harold BakerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Harold BakerGap vs Righties56
Harold BakerStrikeouts vs Righties56
Harold BakerOverall Power23
Christopher CalvilloContact vs Lefties34
Christopher CalvilloOverall Power34
Christopher CalvilloPower vs Righties34
Jesse ClarkeControl vs Lefties12
Chas CrabillOverall Gap Power45
Chas CrabillGap vs Lefties34
Chas CrabillStrikeouts vs Righties12
Chas CrabillGap vs Righties45
Brett CruickshankOverall Power56
Diego DorivaVelocity56
Senkichirou KosamiGap vs Lefties34
Senkichirou KosamiPower vs Lefties12
Senkichirou KosamiContact vs Righties12
Senkichirou KosamiEye vs Lefties23
Senkichirou KosamiGap vs Righties34
Senkichirou KosamiPower vs Righties12
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Gap Power34
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Power12
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Contact12
Robert MachMovement vs Righties910
Robert MachOverall Movement910
Robert MachMovement vs Lefties910
Bill MaheuContact vs Righties23
Bill MaheuOverall Contact23
Bill MaheuContact vs Lefties23
Jose MarcanoControl vs Lefties12
Rhett OlanderOverall Power23
Rhett OlanderPower vs Righties23
Rhett OlanderOverall Eye23
Rhett OlanderContact vs Righties34
Aurelio RezendesContact vs Lefties45
Billy RobardsStuff vs Lefties12
Richard SanchezControl vs Lefties34
Bobby TangGap vs Righties56
Bobby TangPower vs Righties45
Bobby TangOverall Power45
Bobby TangOverall Gap Power56
Bobby TangPower vs Lefties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Jesse ClarkePitcher Fielding PCT00.963
Jesse ClarkePitchers Arm010
Jesse ClarkePitcher Range09
Chas CrabillLeft Field Arm03
Chas CrabillLeft Field Range010
Chas CrabillLeft Field Fielding PCT00.994
Diego DorivaPitcher Fielding PCT00.969
Diego DorivaPitchers Arm010
Diego DorivaPitcher Range05
Senkichirou Kosami1st Base Fielding PCT00.994
Senkichirou Kosami1st Base Arm03
Senkichirou Kosami1st Base Range05
Bill Maheu2nd Base Fielding PCT00.986
Bill Maheu2nd Base Arm05
Bill Maheu2nd Base Range04
Billy RobardsPitcher Range03
Billy RobardsPitcher Fielding PCT00.982
Billy RobardsPitchers Arm010
William SpillaneCatcher Arm04
William SpillaneCatcher Range07
William SpillanePassed Ball03
William SpillaneCatcher Fielding PCT00.973
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