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PlayerRating TypeOldNew
William AlejandroStrikeouts vs Lefties56
William AlejandroStrikeouts vs Righties56
William AlejandroOverall Strikeouts56
Walter ArguellesGap vs Righties78
Edward ArledgeGap vs Righties34
Edward ArledgePower vs Righties12
Edward ArledgeOverall Power12
Edward ArledgeContact vs Lefties23
Edward ArledgeEye vs Righties12
Edward ArledgePower vs Lefties12
Basil BasalduaOverall Strikeouts34
Basil BasalduaPower vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Basil BasalduaContact vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaGap vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaContact vs Righties45
Gary BoyntonOverall Contact34
Jim BriggsOverall Eye34
Jamie DemarcoPower vs Righties34
Jamie DemarcoOverall Contact34
Jamie DemarcoOverall Power34
Jamie DemarcoContact vs Righties34
Clemente FeijooOverall Stuff45
Armando FerreroContact vs Lefties23
Armando FerreroContact vs Righties34
Michael FloresMovement vs Lefties34
Cordell GallardoOverall Strikeouts34
Cordell GallardoOverall Power34
Cordell GallardoOverall Gap Power45
Cordell GallardoPower vs Righties34
Cordell GallardoGap vs Lefties45
Orestes GarciaOverall Movement56
Orestes GarciaControl vs Righties34
Orestes GarciaMovement vs Lefties45
Orestes GarciaOverall Control23
Richard HolyfieldMovement vs Lefties67
Richard HolyfieldMovement vs Righties45
Steven IbrahimOverall Strikeouts56
Arden KalerMovement vs Lefties34
Arden KalerStuff vs Lefties56
Arden KalerMovement vs Righties34
Arden KalerStuff vs Righties56
Arden KalerOverall Movement34
Arden KalerOverall Stuff56
James KershawContact vs Lefties34
James KershawContact vs Righties45
James KershawEye vs Lefties34
Wade LockettStrikeouts vs Righties34
Silverio MolinaGap vs Lefties67
Silverio MolinaOverall Strikeouts67
Harvey PartidaOverall Power23
Harvey PartidaPower vs Lefties23
Harvey PartidaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Harvey PartidaPower vs Righties23
Raul ReyesControl vs Righties23
Jeffrey RonanOverall Gap Power78
Jeffrey RonanGap vs Righties78
Jeffrey RonanOverall Eye45
Luis SavinoStuff vs Lefties34
Luis SavinoOverall Movement67
Luis SavinoMovement vs Righties78
Harold SchroederMovement vs Righties45
Ronald SingletonOverall Stuff12
Ronald SingletonStuff vs Lefties12
Ronald SingletonVelocity56
Percy SwartEye vs Righties23
Willie WalbornVelocity45
Billy WalburnControl vs Righties45
Billy WalburnMovement vs Lefties78
Billy WalburnMovement vs Righties89
James WolfControl vs Lefties12
James WolfControl vs Righties23
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Scott IngramOverall Eye56
Scott IngramOverall Power56
Scott IngramOverall Contact56
Scott IngramEye vs Lefties45
Scott IngramPower vs Lefties45
Scott IngramContact vs Righties67
Scott IngramEye vs Righties56
Scott IngramPower vs Righties56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Edward ArledgeCatcher Arm05
Edward ArledgeCatcher Range09
Edward ArledgePassed Ball03
Edward ArledgeCatcher Fielding PCT00.984
Basil BasalduaRight Field Arm06
Basil BasalduaCenter Field Arm06
Basil BasalduaLeft Field Arm06
Basil BasalduaRight Field Range06
Basil BasalduaCenter Field Range04
Basil BasalduaLeft Field Range06
Basil BasalduaRight Field Fielding PCT00.981
Basil BasalduaCenter Field Fielding PCT00.997
Basil BasalduaLeft Field Fielding PCT00.983
Alvin BastianStrikeouts vs Righties56
Michael DawePitchers Arm09
Michael DawePitcher Range07
Michael DawePitcher Fielding PCT00.942
Cordell Gallardo2nd Base Range04
Cordell Gallardo2nd Base Fielding PCT00.995
Cordell Gallardo2nd Base Arm03
Gustavo GuerreroPitchers Arm010
Gustavo GuerreroPitcher Range03
Gustavo GuerreroPitcher Fielding PCT00.987
Raul ReyesPitcher Range010
Raul ReyesPitcher Fielding PCT00.917
Raul ReyesPitchers Arm09
Jeffrey RonanContact Talent46
Jeffrey RonanStrikeouts Talent56
Herman RuizPitchers Arm010
Herman RuizPitcher Range09
Herman RuizPitcher Fielding PCT00.953
Harold SchroederOverall Movement45
Harold SchroederMovement vs Lefties67
Jerold StickneyPitchers Arm09
Jerold StickneyPitcher Range02
Jerold StickneyPitcher Fielding PCT00.962
James WolfPitcher Range08
James WolfPitcher Fielding PCT00.968
James WolfPitchers Arm09
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