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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Paul BoomerOverall Gap Power45
Paul BoomerGap vs Righties45
Paul BoomerOverall Strikeouts12
Paul BoomerContact vs Righties23
Jeffery EsparzaGap vs Lefties34
Jeffery EsparzaPower vs Lefties12
Jeffery EsparzaContact vs Righties12
Jeffery EsparzaGap vs Righties34
Jeffery EsparzaPower vs Righties12
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Gap Power34
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Power12
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Contact12
Rayford FerrerOverall Eye23
Jason HarmanContact vs Righties34
Jason HarmanOverall Contact34
Victor HeardGap vs Righties65
Victor HeardContact vs Lefties23
Juan HidalgoStuff vs Righties910
Juan HidalgoOverall Stuff910
Juan HidalgoStuff vs Lefties910
Ronald JardineContact vs Lefties34
William JohnsonMovement vs Righties78
William JohnsonOverall Movement78
William JohnsonMovement vs Lefties78
Geraldo LopezEye vs Righties12
Geraldo LopezContact vs Lefties34
David MartinStuff vs Lefties12
Alberto MonteroOverall Control23
Alberto MonteroControl vs Lefties34
Alberto MonteroControl vs Righties23
Rodrigo MurilloStrikeouts vs Righties56
Rodrigo MurilloContact vs Righties56
Rodrigo MurilloPower vs Lefties56
Rodrigo MurilloContact vs Lefties67
Fred RandolphPower vs Righties34
Fred RandolphOverall Power34
Fred RandolphPower vs Lefties34
Eduardo ResendizStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Ralph RossPower vs Righties12
Ralph RossOverall Power12
Ralph RossPower vs Lefties12
James SabatinoPower vs Righties56
James SabatinoOverall Power56
James SabatinoPower vs Lefties56
James SearcyStrikeouts vs Righties56
James SearcyOverall Strikeouts56
James SearcyEye vs Righties23
James SearcyStrikeouts vs Lefties67
James SearcyContact vs Righties45
Dennis ThompsonContact vs Righties45
Dennis ThompsonOverall Contact45
Jonathan TillotsonStrikeouts vs Righties56
Jonathan TillotsonOverall Strikeouts56
Jonathan TillotsonStrikeouts vs Lefties56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Alberto ChavarriaPower vs Lefties78
Alberto ChavarriaContact vs Lefties67
Alberto ChavarriaEye vs Righties89
Alberto ChavarriaPower vs Righties78
Alberto ChavarriaOverall Power78
Alberto ChavarriaOverall Contact67
Rodrigo MurilloEye vs Righties78
Rodrigo MurilloContact vs Lefties56
Rodrigo MurilloOverall Eye78
Rodrigo MurilloOverall Power56
Rodrigo MurilloEye vs Lefties78
Rodrigo MurilloOverall Contact56
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Paul BoomerPassed Ball01
Paul BoomerCatcher Fielding PCT00.975
Paul BoomerCatcher Arm05
Paul BoomerCatcher Range07
Matthew BoyterMovement Talent57
Matthew BoyterControl Talent67
Matthew BoyterStuff Talent78
Jeffery EsparzaCatcher Range04
Jeffery EsparzaPassed Ball03
Jeffery EsparzaCatcher Fielding PCT00.983
Jeffery EsparzaCatcher Arm09
Rayford FerrerContact Talent57
Rayford FerrerEye Talent910
Alfonso GallegosRight Field Fielding PCT00.976
Alfonso GallegosCenter Field Fielding PCT00.997
Alfonso GallegosRight Field Arm07
Alfonso GallegosCenter Field Arm07
Alfonso GallegosRight Field Range08
Alfonso GallegosCenter Field Range06
Geraldo Lopez3rd Base Fielding PCT00.948
Geraldo Lopez3rd Base Arm09
Geraldo LopezThird Base Range05
David MartinPitcher Range09
David MartinPitcher Fielding PCT00.912
David MartinPitchers Arm09
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