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Team Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Wilfredo AguilarMovement vs Righties45
Wilfredo AguilarControl vs Righties45
Wilfredo AguilarOverall Movement45
Wilfredo AguilarOverall Control45
Wilfredo AguilarStuff vs Righties45
Wilfredo AguilarMovement vs Lefties45
Wilfredo AguilarControl vs Lefties45
Augusto ArmendarizPower vs Righties34
Augusto ArmendarizStrikeouts vs Righties12
Augusto ArmendarizOverall Contact45
Augusto ArmendarizOverall Power34
David BargerGap vs Lefties56
David BargerStrikeouts vs Righties34
David BargerOverall Strikeouts34
David BargerOverall Eye12
David BargerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
James BiggerstaffOverall Control23
Randy BlossomContact vs Righties67
Tommy EichnerOverall Eye23
Jimmy HartiganStrikeouts vs Righties45
Jimmy HartiganOverall Strikeouts45
Jimmy HartiganStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Mark LambertonOverall Gap Power56
Mark LambertonGap vs Righties56
Alan McCranieControl vs Lefties89
Samuel MoralesOverall Power23
Samuel MoralesPower vs Lefties23
Samuel MoralesPower vs Righties23
Tokukichirou TakamasaOverall Strikeouts45
Tokukichirou TakamasaStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Tokukichirou TakamasaStrikeouts vs Righties45
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Wilfredo AguilarControl vs Lefties34
Wilfredo AguilarStuff vs Righties34
Wilfredo AguilarOverall Stuff34
Wilfredo AguilarMovement vs Lefties34
Wilfredo AguilarStuff vs Lefties34
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Bill CharlesPower vs Righties67
Bill CharlesOverall Power67
Mitch Corp2nd Base Range03
Mitch Corp2nd Base Fielding PCT00.987
Mitch Corp2nd Base Arm05
Alfonso GuisasolaLeft Field Range02
Alfonso GuisasolaLeft Field Fielding PCT00.983
Alfonso GuisasolaLeft Field Arm03
Mark LambertonEye vs Righties23
Mark LambertonPower vs Righties23
Mark LambertonOverall Power23
Mark LambertonPower vs Lefties23
Samuel MoralesGap vs Righties56
Edmundo NaranjoThird Base Range03
Edmundo Naranjo3rd Base Fielding PCT00.975
Edmundo Naranjo3rd Base Arm010
Lorenzo PinedaPitcher Range08
Lorenzo PinedaPitcher Fielding PCT00.961
Lorenzo PinedaPitchers Arm010
Newton SchumacherPitcher Range010
Newton SchumacherPitcher Fielding PCT00.991
Newton SchumacherPitchers Arm010
David TaylorPitcher Range07
David TaylorPitcher Fielding PCT00.923
David TaylorPitchers Arm08
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