Jason Harman
Jason Harman
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Personal Information
Nickname:Prospect Rating:2.0 Stars
B/T:R / R(Age) Birth Date:(25) 2/24/2007
Ht/Wt:6' 3'' / 230 lbsBirth Place:USA
Contract Information
Yearly Salary:$0
Contract Status:Minor League Contract
Extenstion Status:No extension required
Ratings and Talent
vs LHP45436
vs RHP45436
Bat Ratings
Sac Bunt3
Bunt Hit1
Hitter TypePull Hitter
Defense Ratings
Character Ratings
Loyalty:Minimal, doesn't careDurability:Normal
Leadership Skills:None at allClutch Performance:Normal
Consistency:NormalDesire to play for a winner:Minimal
Service Time
MLB Service:0 Year(s) 0 Days40 Man Roster:3 Year(s) 0 Days
(0 Total Days)(516 Total Days)
AFL Seasons: None
Current Season Stats
Stat Breakdown
Last Three Seasons
3 Yr Avg000000000000.000.0000.000.000
Last Ten Games
Player History
Drafted in 4th round, 113rd overall pick, by Seattle in 2026...
Traded from Seattle to New York (N) on 2/18/2028 (Going to NYN: 1B Jason Harman, C Henry Rodman. Going to SEA: CF Edwin Baskett, P Dave Moody, C Christopher Bowers, SS John Ratcliff)...
Traded from New York (N) to Orlando on 3/31/2028 (Going to ORL: 2B Thomas Wexler, P Kevin Hundley, 1B Jason Harman, CF Fede Torre. Going to NYN: P Arnie Chacon)...
Traded from Orlando to Seattle on 2/27/2031 (Going to ORL: 1B Mashai Shobo. Going to SEA: 1B Jason Harman)...
Injured on 6/9/2031 with a Strained Groin Muscle, out for one week...
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