Chad Bairei
Chad Bairei
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Player Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Chad BaireiOverall Strikeouts910
Chad BaireiStrikeouts vs Lefties910
Chad BaireiStrikeouts vs Righties910
Chad BaireiGap vs Lefties67
Chad BaireiGap vs Righties67
Chad BaireiOverall Gap Power67
Chad BaireiPower vs Lefties67
Chad BaireiEye vs Lefties56
Chad BaireiEye vs Righties56
Chad BaireiOverall Eye56
Chad BaireiOverall Strikeouts89
Chad BaireiStrikeouts vs Lefties89
Chad BaireiStrikeouts vs Righties89
Chad BaireiContact vs Lefties78
Chad BaireiContact vs Righties78
Chad BaireiEye Talent57
Chad BaireiOverall Contact78
Chad BaireiOverall Power67
Chad BaireiPower vs Righties67
Chad BaireiCatcher Fielding PCT0.9890.986
Chad BaireiCatcher Range42
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