Nick Wolf
Nick Wolf
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Player Development
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Nick WolfOverall Stuff910
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties910
Nick WolfOverall Stuff910
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties910
Nick WolfStuff vs Righties910
Nick WolfControl vs Righties910
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties910
Nick WolfOverall Control910
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties109
Nick WolfOverall Control109
Nick WolfMovement vs Lefties910
Nick WolfOverall Movement910
Nick WolfOverall Control910
Nick WolfMovement vs Righties910
Nick WolfOverall Stuff89
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties89
Nick WolfStuff vs Righties89
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties910
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties79
Nick WolfControl vs Righties79
Nick WolfMovement Talent910
Nick WolfMovement vs Lefties79
Nick WolfMovement vs Righties79
Nick WolfOverall Control79
Nick WolfOverall Movement79
Nick WolfOverall Stuff58
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties58
Nick WolfStuff vs Righties58
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties57
Nick WolfControl vs Righties67
Nick WolfMovement vs Lefties47
Nick WolfMovement vs Righties57
Nick WolfOverall Control67
Nick WolfOverall Movement57
Nick WolfOverall Stuff35
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties35
Nick WolfStuff vs Righties35
Nick WolfControl Talent910
Nick WolfControl vs Lefties45
Nick WolfControl vs Righties56
Nick WolfMovement Talent79
Nick WolfMovement vs Lefties34
Nick WolfMovement vs Righties45
Nick WolfOverall Control56
Nick WolfOverall Movement45
Nick WolfOverall Stuff23
Nick WolfStuff Talent810
Nick WolfStuff vs Lefties23
Nick WolfStuff vs Righties23
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