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NGBL League Rules
NGBL League Rules
The Next Generation Baseball League (NGBL) is an OOTP6 simulated baseball league that was ran using computer ownership from 2002-2011.The league brought in human ownership beginning with the 2012 season.
  1. The league consists of 32 teams, 16 in the National League and 16 in the American League. Each league is then divided into 4 divisions.
  1. Commissioner
    1. Powers
      1. The commissioner may take actions and make changes in the best interest of the league as such that are not outlined elsewhere in the league Constitution.
      2. The commissioner may delegate his responsibilities, powers, and duties if necessary.
      3. The commissioner can resolve any owner disputes that he deems necessary.
    2. Duties
      1. Accepting rosters and running simulations.
      2. Updating the website with simulation results.
      3. Supervising the draft, free agency and contract extensions.
      4. Maintaining a waiting list of potential owners
      5. Any other issues of day to day governance of the NGBL.
    3. Removal
      1. The commissioner may be removed using the following procedure.
        1. Proceedings to remove the Commissioner may be initiated by any active league owner calling for a removal vote.
        2. Once a removal vote is called the leagues owners will vote on the Commissioners removal.
        3. The removal vote will take place no sooner than 48 hours from the initiation of the removal nor fail to conclude 1 week following the removal vote being called. This is to allow time for comment and reflection and provide a defining end to the process.
        4. A 2/3 majority vote of the active ownership is required to remove the commissioner. If the commissioner is a team owner, he is allowed to vote.
      2. If a commissioner is removed or resigns a new commissioner will be elected by a majority vote of league ownership.
  1. All owners must remain on active status. To remain active an owner must provide an export or `no changes` communication for each simulation.
    1. If an owner exhibits a pattern of violating the policy, the commissioner may remove this owner from the NGBL. Determination of removal will be determined on a case by case basis.
  2. If an owner is going to be unable to participate for an extended period of time he may allow an owner from the opposite league to manage the day to day operations of the team while the owner is away.
    1. The absentee owner must notify the commissioner the time he will not be participating and when he will resume active ownership.
    2. The absentee owner must notify the commissioner on who will be running day to day operations of the team.
    3. During the period the absentee owner is away, there will be no trade proposed or accepted involving this team.
    4. The replacement owner will be responsible of acting in the best interest of this team in regards to lineups, free agency, contract extensions, amateur draft or other day to day operations.
    5. The replacement owner will not be able to vote in behalf of the absentee owner on any league votes that may arise.
  3. If an owner resigns, fails to respond to emails for an extended period of time, or is unable to participate for longer than a single season, they will be removed from ownership and a new owner will be chosen from ownership candidates and the leagues waiting list. This new owner will have all the responsibilities and rights inherent with NGBL ownership.
    1. There is no set order to the waiting list, and being on the waiting list confers no rights to a team, nor does it guarantee future NGBL ownership.
  4. If an owner shows a pattern of not voting on league issues and otherwise delays the league through their inaction. The Commissioner may determine the owner is in violation of the active owner policy and the owner is penalized or removed from NGBL ownership. In all such cases the Commissioner has the final discression.
  1. A regular simulation schedule will be provided for the league owners upon each coming season. The Commissioner may alter the date of any simulation at his discression as long as adequate notice has been given to the ownership of the change.
    1. A team export or a notification of no changes is required at least 30 minutes before each simulation.
    2. Owners are required to use the most recent league file to export their rosters. Using an incorrect file will result in errors and such exports will be viewed as receiving no export at all.
    3. Each simulation will process one week of NGBL games and will proceed without interruption. No changes may be made once the simulation has begun.
    4. If the Commissioner is unable to simulate games according to schedule he will notify the owners either via email, the NGBL website or league forum.
    5. A new league file will be provided and the leagues website updated with the current HTML results as soon as possible following the conclusion of the simulation.
  2. A playoff simulation schedule and the corresponding process by which the playoffs will be simulated will be at the Commissioners discression.
    1. No more than 3 playoff games can be simulated at a given time without giving the owner opportunity to change their lineups.
  3. The OOTP5 schedule maker will be utilized and interleague play included.
  4. No simming ahead is allowed and any owner found doing so is subject to punishment at the discression of the commissioner.
  1. The NGBL salary cap is set at $80,000,000 per team and a team’s payroll will not be allowed to exceed the leagues salary cap.
    1. A team will not be allowed to sign contract extensions that will put them over the salary cap upon proceeding to next season as per the in game calculation.
    2. If a team by game error is above the salary cap upon proceeding to next season, the owner must get his payroll under the cap by opening day of the coming season. If the owner fails to do so, the highest single season salary player will be released from the team, and the releases will proceed in order of single season salary until the team was below the salary cap.
    3. The only exception to the salary cap is during the month of September when teams will not be prevented from calling up minor leaguers if it would put them over the salary cap.
  2. NGBL will use the OOTP built in revenue systems regarding everything except merchandising revenue.
    1. Upon each new season, the previous seasons merchandising revenue will be totaled and be set at an equal amount among the leagues teams.
  3. Contract Extensions will be entered from the leagues message board from May 1st to the end of the regular season. Any player unsigned at the start of the NGBL playoffs will not be able to be negotiated with and will become a free agent.
    1. Contract Extensions can only be offered to players that are in their final year of a contract or that are arbitration eligible except for players with a loyalty rating of "minimal" and an overall rating of more than 3.5 "stars".
      1. If an arbitration eligible player is offered a contract extension, the team forfeits the arbitration right and the player will sign an extension or will become a free agent.
      2. Players with a loyalty rating of minimal and an overall rating of more than 3.5 "stars" will be ineligible to be signed to a contract extension and will become a "Restricted Free Agent" at the end of their contract.
        1. Restricted Free Agents will be processed through a separate free agent process using the NGBL free agent process per the NGBL rules with the following provisions.
          1. Players 32 or younger must be offered a minimum of a 3 year contract.
          2. Once a player is signed to a contract the players previous team will get the option of keeping the player with a 10% discount on the contract (i.e. Player A signed a $10M x 3 yr contract...previous team could at their option keep the player for $9M x 3 yrs).
          3. Previous team can increase the term of a matched contract signed up to 5 years total
    2. All players will be negotiated with their player tag set at their highest rated position by range or predominantly used pitching role.
    3. . Any player not under major league contract that has appeared in 3 big league seasons will be subject to arbitration. The arbitration salary will be assigned by the OOTP5 game engine upon proceeding to each new season. If an owner does not wish to give arbitration to an eligible player the owner must release the player before the league proceeds to the next season. Players will receive arbitration until they have appeared in 6 big league seasons at which time their contract will expire.
  4. Owners are expected to operate within their teams financial capabilities. If a team finishes a given season with a negative cash balance the team will have a unalienable and untradeable player named `debt` placed on their team the following season in the amount that the team lost the previous season. This debt will also count against the leagues salary cap.
  1. Trades will be permitted from the point upon proceeding to next season until the simulation that includes July 31st of a given season.
    1. Players, Draft picks, and cash may be included in trades, but all trades must include at minimum one player from each team.
      1. The only draft picks able to be traded are for the upcoming amateur draft.
      2. Players to be named later and conditional picks are not allowed.
      3. Only round 1-4 picks will be eligible to be traded.
    2. . All trades are final after both owners have confirmed the trade on the leagues message board in the completed trades’ forum.
    3. If an owner wishes to protest a trade as collusion or extremely lopsided, he must notify the commish. If the trade in question receives 3 protests the commissioner will assemble a league trade committee to make a ruling on the trade. All committee rulings are final and will be accompanied with an explanation.
  2. All player releases will be posted in the league forum and processed upon a sim or league file update.
    1. All releases are final upon being included in the league file and the thread locked by the Commissioner.
    2. Players may be released at any time and any amount left on the player’s contract will be absorbed into the team’s player expenses.
    3. All released players released during the leagues regular season will be subject to the waivers process before becoming free agents. Any players released after the leagues regular season is complete will be subject to the in-game off season free agent bidding process.
  3. The waivers process will be used in association with any players released during the leagues regular season and with all free agents following the leagues off season free agent period.
    1. When a player is released he is put on waivers for a period of 48 hours at which time teams can make claims on this player. Upon completion of the 48 hour period the player will be awarded to the highest ranking team in the waiver order with a claim on the player and that team will be moved to the bottom of the waiver order.
    2. The waiver order will be set in the reverse order of last years standings as set forth in the amateur draft order upon proceeding to each new season.
    3. Upon winning a claim that team will then sign that free agent to the free agents desired contract.
    4. Any player having received no claims during the waiver period will become a free agent and signed by the first team to make an offer the player accepts.
    5. All waiver or free agent claims will be made in the NGBL league forum.
    6. Players with more than 5 years big league experience may refuse assignment to the minor leagues. If a player refuses this assignment, he must remain on the active roster, be traded or released at that time.
  4. Any Free Agent signed to a major league contract during the defined off season free agency period includes an automatic no trade restriction until the following June 15th.
  1. Teams must keep at least 25 players on their active roster at all times. This number should be comprised of at least 12 position players and 10 pitchers.
    1. Position players are only able to be listed as starters at positions they have a rating for.
    2. Each owner is expected to have their team's depth chart filled out with a non starting player at every position with a rated backup at a percentage of at least 0%
      1. If an owner does not have an active, non starting player, rated at a position to serve as the backup, the team may have a non rated player serve as a 0% backup only. This applies to every position but catcher as each time will be expected to have 2 healthy, active catchers at all times.
    3. During the regular season each team must maintain at minimum a 4 man starting rotation.
    4. A pitcher with only starting pitchers duration may only be used in the starting rotation, spot starter, or mop up reliever roles.
      1. During the playoffs pitchers with only starting pitchers duration may be used in the bullpen.
    5. A pitcher with a duration as both a starting pitcher and a reliever may be placed either in the bullpen or as a starting pitcher but may not occupy both roles at the same time, unless the pitcher is being used as a spot starter with a % of 25 of less.
    6. A pitcher with only a reliever’s duration may not be placed in the starting rotation or as a spot starter.
  2. Roster integrity checks will be made by the commissioner, multiple violations in the same sim will count as one offense.
    • 1st offense- Warning and explanation of the offense
    • 2nd offense- $1,000,000 fine
    • 3rd offense- $2,000,000 fine
    • 4th and additional offenses, fine and eligible for removal of ownership.
  1. To apply for franchise relocation, stadium renovations, or a new stadium your proposal must be sent to the commissioner and reasons given for the proposed move.
    1. If an owner is given approval on relocation the must be able to purchase a new stadium. The NGBL may assist in funding if the Commissioner deems it necessary.
      1. A relocation or new stadium construction proposal must be given to the commissioner by July 1st of any season for the stadium to be finished for the start of the next season. Any proposals received after July 1st will not be implemented until following the next season.
      2. A new stadium will be paid for over a period of five seasons with payments being due using the following schedule.
        1. 20% of the payment will be due upon groundbreaking and an additional 20% will be paid in cash upon the end of each following season until the ballpark is paid for. A payment taking the team’s cash to negative will be subject to the same penalties.
      3. The total cost to the team for a new stadium and the effect on fan interest and team market will determined by the proposed ballpark details using the following price scale.
        1. Open air stadium- $40,000,000 dollars- no effect on team market or fan loyalty
        2. Dome stadium- $60,000,000 dollars- +1 rank fan interest (max of good), +1 rank market size (max of Big)
        3. Retractable roof stadium- $80,000,000- +2 ranks fan interest (max of very good), +2 Ranks market size (max of Big)
      4. All new stadiums will come with 45,000 seats; any increase of that figure will be subject to the ballpark renovation system.
      5. Any market or fan interest changes will made on opening day of the season that the ballpark opens.
    2. Stadium renovations will be made in the off season and payment will be made in full during the off season in the form of cash.
      1. Stadium renovations may include an increase in a stadiums number of seats, the price of which is determined by the following price scale. Seats will be increased in blocks of 1000. All stadium renovations will begin with a 1,000,000 construction cost. Upon constructing new seats the base cost will be used to round the stadiums number of seats to the next 1000. The maximum number of seats allowed in an NGBL stadium is 70,000 seats.
        1. 50,000 seats and below - 1,000,000 per 1000 seats
        2. 51,000 – 55,000 seats - 2,000,000 per 1000 seats
        3. 56,000 – 60,000 seats – 3,000,000 per 1000 seats
        4. 61,000 – 65,000 seats – 4,000,000 per 1000 seats
        5. 66,000 – 70,000 seats – 6,000,000 per 1000 seats
      2. Stadium renovations may also include changes that effect ballpark factors which will be priced according to the following scale and fall within the allowed ranges.
        1. Moving a ballpark factor closer to 100 will cost 100,000 per point.
        2. Moving a ballpark factor away from 100 will cost 250,000 per point
      3. Any changes to existing ballpark factors must fall within the following ranges. Any ballpark that currently falls outside this range will only be able to change that ballpark factor towards the range.
        1. R-AVG and L-AVG must fall between 90-110
        2. RHR, LHR, 2b, 3b must fall between 75-125
      4. Stadium renovations are allowed once every 3 simulation years
  1. Amendments and changes to the NGBL league rules will be implemented by a 2/3 majority vote of NGBL owners. Any owner may bring a proposed change to the NGBL rules by submitting a proposed change in the NGBL forum. Once the proposal has been fully discussed and has enough support to warrant a vote, the Commissioner will setup a voting thread.
    1. If all league owners have not voted on the proposed change in the amount of time allowed for the league vote, the proposal will be decided by the current amount of votes.