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NGBL Development for 3/31/2032
NGBL Development for 3/31/2032
Arizona Diamondbacks
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
John BoultonEye vs Righties12
John BoultonOverall Eye12
Raymond ChaffinGap vs Lefties56
Raymond ChaffinOverall Gap Power56
Raymond ChaffinGap vs Righties56
Jeremy CriadoOverall Eye45
Jeremy CriadoContact vs Righties67
Dennis CubbageContact vs Lefties45
Dennis CubbageStrikeouts vs Righties45
Dennis CubbageOverall Strikeouts45
Cristopher FerrerControl vs Righties56
Cristopher FerrerControl vs Lefties34
Cristopher FerrerOverall Control45
Jonah HernandezMovement vs Righties78
Jonah HernandezOverall Movement67
Robert InmanContact vs Righties23
Robert InmanOverall Contact23
Robert KappMovement vs Righties34
Robert KappOverall Movement34
Katsujirou KensakuOverall Control45
Katsujirou KensakuMovement vs Righties45
Douglas KilgorePower vs Lefties12
Seymour LeedomMovement vs Lefties34
John LordOverall Control45
Oscar MarrufoOverall Gap Power910
Oscar MarrufoEye vs Lefties34
Cesar MartinezOverall Eye45
Cesar MartinezEye vs Righties45
Cesar MartinezEye vs Lefties45
Raphael MenendezOverall Gap Power56
Raphael MenendezContact vs Lefties34
Raphael MenendezGap vs Righties56
Raphael MenendezGap vs Lefties56
Clement PaduaContact vs Righties23
Clement PaduaEye vs Righties23
Clement PaduaOverall Contact23
Clement PaduaOverall Strikeouts12
Clement PaduaGap vs Righties45
Clement PaduaGap vs Lefties45
Clement PaduaOverall Gap Power45
Benjamin PeabodyContact vs Lefties23
Benjamin PeabodyGap vs Righties45
Benjamin PeabodyOverall Gap Power45
Ryan PhippsContact vs Lefties78
Dean RascoControl vs Righties34
Dean RascoMovement vs Lefties34
Benjamin RodriguezOverall Movement34
Paul RumphContact vs Lefties56
James RyanOverall Eye34
James RyanEye vs Righties34
James SargentStuff vs Lefties34
Bruce SimmonsOverall Contact23
Bruce SimmonsOverall Eye12
Jason SummerfieldControl vs Lefties67
Jason SummerfieldOverall Control67
Edward TaylorPower vs Righties56
Edward TaylorPower vs Lefties56
Edward TaylorOverall Power56
Cole TownVelocity34
Leonard VintonOverall Movement56
Leonard VintonStuff vs Lefties34
Leonard VintonOverall Stuff34
Leonard VintonMovement vs Righties56
Leonard VintonMovement vs Lefties56
Leonard VintonStuff vs Righties34
Issac WatkinsEye vs Lefties12
Issac WatkinsPower vs Righties23
Issac WatkinsPower vs Lefties23
Issac WatkinsOverall Power23
George WoodardOverall Strikeouts23
George WoodardPower vs Lefties34
George WoodardGap vs Lefties45
George WoodardEye vs Lefties56
George WoodardStrikeouts vs Righties23
George WoodardContact vs Righties34
James ZeitlerStrikeouts vs Lefties67
James ZeitlerGap vs Righties56
James ZeitlerOverall Strikeouts67
James ZeitlerGap vs Lefties56
James ZeitlerOverall Gap Power56
James ZeitlerStrikeouts vs Righties67
Atlanta Braves
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Bernardo AlfaroMovement vs Lefties34
Harold BakerOverall Strikeouts45
Harold BakerGap vs Righties56
Harold BakerOverall Eye34
Harold BakerStrikeouts vs Righties56
Harold BakerPower vs Righties23
Harold BakerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Harold BakerOverall Power23
Christopher CalvilloContact vs Lefties34
Christopher CalvilloPower vs Righties34
Christopher CalvilloOverall Power34
Jesse ClarkeControl vs Lefties12
Chas CrabillGap vs Lefties34
Chas CrabillOverall Gap Power45
Chas CrabillStrikeouts vs Righties12
Chas CrabillGap vs Righties45
Brett CruickshankOverall Power56
Diego DorivaVelocity56
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Contact12
Senkichirou KosamiGap vs Lefties34
Senkichirou KosamiPower vs Righties12
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Gap Power34
Senkichirou KosamiPower vs Lefties12
Senkichirou KosamiEye vs Lefties23
Senkichirou KosamiOverall Power12
Senkichirou KosamiContact vs Righties12
Senkichirou KosamiGap vs Righties34
Robert MachOverall Movement910
Robert MachMovement vs Righties910
Robert MachMovement vs Lefties910
Bill MaheuOverall Contact23
Bill MaheuContact vs Righties23
Bill MaheuContact vs Lefties23
Jose MarcanoControl vs Lefties12
Rhett OlanderContact vs Righties34
Rhett OlanderPower vs Righties23
Rhett OlanderOverall Power23
Rhett OlanderOverall Eye23
Aurelio RezendesContact vs Lefties45
Billy RobardsStuff vs Lefties12
Richard SanchezControl vs Lefties34
Bobby TangOverall Gap Power56
Bobby TangPower vs Righties45
Bobby TangPower vs Lefties45
Bobby TangOverall Power45
Bobby TangGap vs Righties56
Baltimore Orioles
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
John AminOverall Movement910
John AminControl vs Righties89
John AminOverall Control89
John AminMovement vs Righties910
John AminMovement vs Lefties910
Daniel BottomsContact vs Righties12
Daniel BottomsOverall Contact12
Daniel BottomsGap vs Righties34
Daniel BottomsGap vs Lefties34
Daniel BottomsOverall Gap Power34
Merlin BowmanControl vs Righties23
Merlin BowmanMovement vs Lefties34
Geraldo BravoStuff vs Righties45
Alexis CaudleStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Alexis CaudleStrikeouts vs Righties78
Norman CrespinStuff vs Righties67
Norman CrespinOverall Stuff67
James GaultStrikeouts vs Lefties34
James GaultOverall Power34
James GaultGap vs Righties45
James GaultContact vs Righties45
James GaultOverall Gap Power45
James GaultContact vs Lefties34
James GaultStrikeouts vs Righties56
James GaultPower vs Lefties34
Vincent GodbeyPower vs Righties23
Francisco HernandezOverall Gap Power45
Todd HillyardPower vs Lefties45
Ronald KlausVelocity12
Clifford LeslieOverall Contact45
George LopiccoloOverall Power23
George LopiccoloGap vs Lefties45
George LopiccoloStrikeouts vs Lefties12
George LopiccoloPower vs Righties23
George LopiccoloPower vs Lefties23
Darryl LukasPower vs Righties67
Darryl LukasOverall Power67
Kyle MeloOverall Eye56
Thomas OharaEye vs Lefties34
Thomas OharaPower vs Righties34
Thomas OharaPower vs Lefties34
Thomas OharaOverall Power34
Edwin PrindleControl vs Lefties12
Edwin PrindleOverall Control23
Edwin PrindleStuff vs Righties45
Edwin PrindleOverall Stuff45
Edwin PrindleControl vs Righties34
Russell RaschOverall Power24
Russell RaschEye vs Righties12
Russell RaschOverall Eye12
Russell RaschPower vs Righties24
Russell RaschPower vs Lefties24
Dan RasmussenEye vs Lefties67
Dan RasmussenOverall Eye67
Dan RasmussenStrikeouts vs Righties56
Dan RasmussenStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Dan RasmussenEye vs Righties67
Dan RasmussenOverall Strikeouts56
Alphonse ResendizGap vs Lefties56
Alphonse ResendizOverall Gap Power56
Alphonse ResendizStrikeouts vs Righties43
Alphonse ResendizStrikeouts vs Lefties43
Alphonse ResendizOverall Strikeouts43
Herman RewGap vs Lefties34
Herman RewOverall Gap Power34
Chris Scott Jr.Control vs Righties23
Chris Scott Jr.Overall Control23
Chris Scott Jr.Velocity56
James TownsGap vs Righties45
Ross UmanaOverall Power23
Ross UmanaContact vs Lefties23
Ross UmanaEye vs Righties12
Ross UmanaOverall Contact23
Ross UmanaEye vs Lefties12
Ross UmanaPower vs Righties23
Ross UmanaOverall Eye12
Ross UmanaPower vs Lefties23
Ross UmanaContact vs Righties23
Adrian WaitsStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Adrian WaitsOverall Strikeouts45
Adrian WaitsStrikeouts vs Righties45
Norbert WilliamsEye vs Righties34
Norbert WilliamsEye vs Lefties34
Norbert WilliamsOverall Eye34
Kenneth WorthleyVelocity56
Kenneth WorthleyOverall Control78
Kenneth WorthleyMovement vs Righties76
Boston Red Sox
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Ricky ArispeControl vs Righties12
Calixto CruzControl vs Righties45
Benjamin FryerOverall Eye45
Benjamin FryerContact vs Righties34
Benjamin FryerContact vs Lefties34
Benjamin FryerOverall Contact34
Benjamin FryerEye vs Righties45
Richard GreeneControl vs Righties23
Youjirou HidehiraGap vs Righties45
Youjirou HidehiraGap vs Lefties45
Youjirou HidehiraOverall Gap Power45
Koutarou JunzoGap vs Lefties34
Jorge LabastillaStrikeouts vs Righties12
Jorge LabastillaOverall Strikeouts12
Jimmy McMahonPower vs Righties23
Jimmy McMahonPower vs Lefties23
Jimmy McMahonOverall Power23
Jimmy McMahonContact vs Lefties34
Jimmy McMahonOverall Contact34
Baltasar MelendrezStuff vs Lefties34
Robert OyamaMovement vs Lefties34
Henry ParishMovement vs Lefties54
Henry ParishOverall Movement54
Henry ParishMovement vs Righties54
Francisco PerezGap vs Lefties34
Francisco PerezContact vs Righties34
Francisco PerezStrikeouts vs Righties45
Francisco PerezContact vs Lefties23
Francisco PerezStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Francisco PerezOverall Contact34
Francisco PerezGap vs Righties45
Bricio RaposaStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Bricio RaposaEye vs Lefties56
Eddie ReyesControl vs Lefties45
Hans RymanStuff vs Lefties45
Christopher StellaOverall Control67
Richard WorrallContact vs Righties23
Richard WorrallGap vs Righties45
Richard WorrallGap vs Lefties45
Richard WorrallOverall Gap Power45
Chicago (A) White Sox
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Ezra AlonsoOverall Eye23
Ezra AlonsoPower vs Righties12
Ezra AlonsoPower vs Lefties12
Ezra AlonsoOverall Power12
Ezra AlonsoEye vs Righties23
John BakerEye vs Righties56
Michale BirneyOverall Control56
Michale BirneyMovement vs Righties45
Michale BirneyOverall Movement45
Michael CutlipStrikeouts vs Righties12
Michael CutlipStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Michael CutlipOverall Strikeouts12
Luis DaileyGap vs Righties56
Luis DaileyGap vs Lefties56
Luis DaileyOverall Gap Power56
Ike FiorilloOverall Control12
Earnest HawsOverall Control45
Edward HesterOverall Movement67
Eldridge IvyGap vs Righties34
Eldridge IvyStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyGap vs Lefties45
Eldridge IvyOverall Strikeouts12
Eldridge IvyOverall Contact23
Eldridge IvyOverall Gap Power34
Eldridge IvyPower vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyEye vs Lefties23
Eldridge IvyOverall Power23
Eldridge IvyStrikeouts vs Righties12
Walter JohnsonOverall Gap Power45
Walter JohnsonPower vs Righties23
Walter JohnsonPower vs Lefties23
Walter JohnsonOverall Power23
Walter JohnsonGap vs Lefties45
Bill KeachContact vs Lefties23
Robert MeekGap vs Lefties45
Robert MeekOverall Gap Power45
Ryan MosserGap vs Righties34
Ryan MosserOverall Gap Power34
Sadanori OtojiroMovement vs Righties34
Sadanori OtojiroOverall Movement34
Rogelio PalacioStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Rogelio PalacioOverall Strikeouts67
Rogelio PalacioStrikeouts vs Righties67
Jeffery PerezVelocity56
Jolbert RomanoControl vs Lefties12
Jolbert RomanoVelocity56
Alex SeguraControl vs Righties56
Clinton ShaughnessyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Jewel SimoesControl vs Righties67
Thomas UlrichVelocity78
Chicago (N) Cubs
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Chad AlardContact vs Righties23
Chad AlardContact vs Lefties23
Chad AlardOverall Contact23
Chad AlardGap vs Righties45
Christopher BallewStuff vs Righties56
Christopher BallewMovement vs Righties78
Christopher BallewMovement vs Lefties78
Christopher BallewOverall Movement78
Willis CataniaOverall Contact23
Edward ClarkEye vs Righties45
Roger CubillanEye vs Righties12
Roger CubillanOverall Strikeouts56
Roger CubillanEye vs Lefties12
Roger CubillanOverall Eye12
Roger CubillanContact vs Righties34
Roger CubillanStrikeouts vs Righties56
Roger CubillanOverall Contact34
Roger CubillanStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Santos DiazStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Santos DiazOverall Strikeouts67
Santos DiazStrikeouts vs Righties67
Bill DinapoliVelocity67
Bill DinapoliControl vs Lefties56
Thomas FieldsControl vs Lefties45
James FreedmanOverall Gap Power56
James FreedmanOverall Contact34
James FreedmanGap vs Lefties56
James GibsonEye vs Righties34
James GibsonEye vs Lefties23
James GibsonPower vs Lefties12
James GibsonOverall Strikeouts23
James GibsonGap vs Righties34
James GibsonGap vs Lefties23
Scottie HoyleEye vs Lefties23
Marcelo HuertasOverall Eye34
Marcelo HuertasEye vs Lefties34
Brian JaggersEye vs Righties45
Kyle LewandowskiOverall Power23
Kyle LewandowskiPower vs Righties23
Kyle LewandowskiPower vs Lefties23
Roberto MarquesPower vs Lefties45
Roberto MarquesContact vs Righties56
Roberto MarquesOverall Power45
Roberto MarquesContact vs Lefties56
Roberto MarquesEye vs Righties23
Roberto MarquesOverall Contact56
Roberto MarquesEye vs Lefties23
Roberto MarquesPower vs Righties45
Roberto MarquesOverall Eye23
Gaby MingoMovement vs Righties67
Gaby MingoMovement vs Lefties67
Gaby MingoOverall Movement67
Hiroo MitoEye vs Lefties23
Vevei MunemoriOverall Contact45
Vevei MunemoriEye vs Righties23
Vevei MunemoriOverall Eye23
Oscar SantanaDuration45
Geraldo SotoOverall Eye12
Geraldo SotoPower vs Righties12
Geraldo SotoPower vs Lefties12
Geraldo SotoOverall Power12
Geraldo SotoEye vs Lefties12
Larry StrohEye vs Righties23
Larry StrohOverall Eye23
James TiradoContact vs Lefties67
James TiradoGap vs Lefties56
James TiradoOverall Contact67
James TiradoStrikeouts vs Lefties67
James TiradoPower vs Righties56
James TiradoPower vs Lefties57
James TiradoContact vs Righties68
James TiradoOverall Power56
Roberto TorresVelocity56
Roberto TorresControl vs Righties56
Troy WinsteadPower vs Righties23
Troy WinsteadPower vs Lefties23
Troy WinsteadOverall Power23
Fielding Developments
Roberto MarquesShort Stop Range45
Cincinnati Reds
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Daniel AguayoStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Daniel AguayoPower vs Righties34
Daniel AguayoPower vs Lefties34
Daniel AguayoOverall Power34
Victor AnstettOverall Gap Power67
Victor AnstettStrikeouts vs Righties56
Victor AnstettStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Victor AnstettOverall Strikeouts56
Victor AnstettPower vs Lefties34
John BermejoOverall Power34
John BermejoEye vs Lefties23
John BermejoContact vs Lefties45
John BermejoPower vs Righties34
John BermejoPower vs Lefties34
Ernest BlaskoGap vs Lefties67
Ernest BlaskoOverall Eye34
Ernest BlaskoStrikeouts vs Righties45
Ernest BlaskoStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Ernest BlaskoGap vs Righties56
Wilson BradberryStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Wilson BradberryOverall Contact34
Wilson BradberryOverall Strikeouts23
Wilson BradberryGap vs Lefties56
Wilson BradberryOverall Gap Power56
Wilson BradberryEye vs Lefties45
Clifford CentersEye vs Lefties12
George ColemanVelocity67
Michael CroseControl vs Righties12
Everett DavenportEye vs Lefties78
Everett DavenportOverall Strikeouts78
Eduardo EscobedoStrikeouts vs Righties56
Eduardo EscobedoStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Eduardo EscobedoOverall Strikeouts56
Philip GalarzaControl vs Righties67
Philip GalarzaControl vs Lefties56
Allen GalliganOverall Strikeouts45
Allen GalliganPower vs Righties34
Allen GalliganPower vs Lefties34
Allen GalliganOverall Power34
Allen GalliganStrikeouts vs Righties45
Robert GipeOverall Contact34
Robert GipeContact vs Righties34
Robert GipeContact vs Lefties34
Ryan HobbyStrikeouts vs Righties34
Ryan HobbyStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Ryan HobbyOverall Strikeouts34
Kenneth McGhieEye vs Lefties34
Dewey ObrienStuff vs Lefties45
Dewey ObrienOverall Control34
Noel PattersonEye vs Righties56
John PetersonStuff vs Lefties34
John PetersonMovement vs Righties56
John PetersonOverall Movement67
Jeromy RuchContact vs Lefties23
Jeromy RuchGap vs Righties34
Jeromy RuchGap vs Lefties34
Jeromy RuchOverall Gap Power34
William ScannellMovement vs Righties98
Don SteverOverall Control910
Denny WallsGap vs Lefties56
Denny WallsOverall Gap Power56
Rairu YosukeOverall Strikeouts34
Rairu YosukeStrikeouts vs Righties34
Rairu YosukeStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Robert ZajicekStuff vs Righties12
Robert ZajicekStuff vs Lefties12
Robert ZajicekOverall Stuff12
Robert ZajicekVelocity34
Orlando ZendejasGap vs Righties45
Orlando ZendejasOverall Gap Power45
Orlando ZendejasEye vs Righties12
Orlando ZendejasOverall Eye12
Cleveland Indians
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Hector AlbaceteOverall Strikeouts56
Ramon BatistaContact vs Righties67
Ramon BatistaContact vs Lefties67
Ramon BatistaOverall Contact67
James BurgosOverall Strikeouts56
James BurgosPower vs Lefties23
James BurgosOverall Power23
James BurgosStrikeouts vs Righties56
James BurgosStrikeouts vs Lefties56
James BurgosPower vs Righties23
Gerard CoplinGap vs Lefties34
Ferdy EscobarOverall Strikeouts23
Bryce HealdVelocity34
Daniel HigginsMovement vs Lefties78
Daniel HigginsControl vs Lefties45
Daniel HigginsOverall Control45
Daniel HigginsMovement vs Righties89
Donald JonesStuff vs Lefties34
Donald JonesOverall Stuff34
Donald JonesControl vs Lefties12
Donald JonesOverall Movement56
Donald JonesStuff vs Righties34
George LasterMovement vs Righties56
George LasterMovement vs Lefties56
George LasterOverall Movement56
George LasterControl vs Righties56
George LasterOverall Control56
Adelardo MontejanoEye vs Lefties45
Eduardo MotaGap vs Lefties34
Eduardo MotaEye vs Righties12
David NicksonStrikeouts vs Lefties34
David NicksonOverall Strikeouts34
David NicksonEye vs Righties34
David NicksonStrikeouts vs Righties34
Walter RobinettMovement vs Righties67
Walter RobinettMovement vs Lefties67
Walter RobinettOverall Movement67
Robert SnookEye vs Lefties34
Luis SteinmanGap vs Lefties56
Luis SteinmanEye vs Lefties34
Brian StenderEye vs Righties56
Brian StenderEye vs Lefties56
Brian StenderOverall Eye56
Ichitarou TetsuzanControl vs Righties23
Antonio UcelayGap vs Righties56
Antonio UcelayGap vs Lefties56
Antonio UcelayOverall Gap Power56
Zachary WillsonGap vs Righties45
Zachary WillsonOverall Gap Power45
Zachary WillsonOverall Contact34
Detroit Tigers
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Jairo AlmarazMovement vs Lefties78
Jairo AlmarazOverall Movement67
Jairo AlmarazStuff vs Lefties65
Jairo AlmarazMovement vs Righties67
James ChenowethStrikeouts vs Righties45
James ChenowethStrikeouts vs Lefties45
James ChenowethGap vs Righties56
James ChenowethOverall Strikeouts45
James ChenowethGap vs Lefties56
James ChenowethOverall Gap Power56
Jorge HidalgoGap vs Righties56
Jorge HidalgoPower vs Righties45
Jorge HidalgoOverall Power45
James JessopOverall Movement56
Harold LefebvreControl vs Righties12
Harold LefebvreControl vs Lefties23
Harold LefebvreOverall Control12
Jonathan OttOverall Strikeouts45
Jonathan OttOverall Gap Power56
Jonathan OttStrikeouts vs Righties45
Jonathan OttStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Faustino PessoaOverall Gap Power78
Richard ReamesContact vs Lefties45
Earl SeeleyStuff vs Lefties34
Caleb SherryMovement vs Righties34
Caleb SherryMovement vs Lefties56
Freddy SotoEye vs Righties45
Bill UnruhStrikeouts vs Righties45
Bill UnruhStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Bill UnruhOverall Strikeouts45
Richard VandornContact vs Lefties34
Kenneth VannormanGap vs Righties78
Kenneth VannormanOverall Gap Power78
Christian WedgeworthOverall Gap Power34
Christian WedgeworthPower vs Lefties12
Christian WedgeworthStrikeouts vs Righties23
Christian WedgeworthOverall Power12
Christian WedgeworthOverall Strikeouts23
Christian WedgeworthGap vs Righties34
Christian WedgeworthContact vs Righties23
Christian WedgeworthGap vs Lefties34
Christian WedgeworthPower vs Righties12
Houston Astros
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Albert AbarcaEye vs Lefties45
Leon BorrasGap vs Righties56
Leon BorrasOverall Gap Power56
Eden FernandezGap vs Lefties56
Eden FernandezOverall Gap Power56
Derek HockettStrikeouts vs Righties45
Derek HockettStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Derek HockettOverall Strikeouts45
David JonesGap vs Lefties56
David JonesOverall Gap Power56
James LinzyStrikeouts vs Righties45
James LinzyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
James LinzyOverall Strikeouts45
James MalkinPower vs Righties23
James MalkinPower vs Lefties23
James MalkinOverall Power23
Frank MaloneOverall Contact23
Maels MonizStuff vs Righties34
Maels MonizStuff vs Lefties34
Maels MonizOverall Stuff34
Maels MonizControl vs Righties34
Alberto PaganoGap vs Lefties45
Alberto PaganoEye vs Righties12
Alberto PaganoContact vs Righties12
Alberto SalzerOverall Control98
Alberto SalzerMovement vs Righties43
Emil VallejoVelocity67
Ruperto VillanuevaGap vs Righties56
Ruperto VillanuevaOverall Gap Power56
Albert WeirOverall Strikeouts45
Albert WeirStrikeouts vs Righties45
Kansas City Royals
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Narciso AbinoControl vs Righties67
Benjamin AlcalaPower vs Righties67
Benjamin AlcalaOverall Power67
Paul BricknerOverall Eye12
Paul BricknerGap vs Lefties34
Paul BricknerOverall Gap Power34
Christopher CarmonStuff vs Righties23
Christopher CarmonVelocity56
Joseph CilleyStuff vs Righties45
Joseph CilleyVelocity89
Gary MitchellOverall Contact45
Gary MitchellEye vs Righties45
Gary MitchellOverall Eye45
Gary MitchellContact vs Righties45
Lester MontoyaPower vs Lefties23
Michael OrozcoControl vs Lefties34
Michael OrozcoOverall Control45
Ronald RentasControl vs Righties67
Ronald RentasOverall Control56
Christopher RichartContact vs Lefties34
Joseph RodgerControl vs Lefties45
Augusto SaavedraPower vs Lefties34
Augusto SaavedraOverall Power34
Augusto SaavedraPower vs Righties34
Marcelo SandovalStrikeouts vs Righties23
Anton SavinoPower vs Lefties12
Anton SavinoEye vs Righties34
Randy SharpeOverall Movement56
Randy SharpeMovement vs Righties56
Randy SharpeMovement vs Lefties56
Leonardo ValdezGap vs Righties45
Tyler VivierStuff vs Lefties34
Tyler VivierOverall Stuff34
Tyler VivierControl vs Righties12
Tyler VivierStuff vs Righties34
Paul WilliamsControl vs Righties45
Paul WilliamsControl vs Lefties34
Los Angeles Dodgers
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Oscar BatistaGap vs Lefties56
Oscar BatistaOverall Eye34
Xavier CerdaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Xavier CerdaPower vs Righties34
Xavier CerdaStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Xavier CerdaPower vs Lefties34
Xavier CerdaOverall Strikeouts56
Xavier CerdaOverall Power34
Xavier CerdaOverall Gap Power56
Charles CliffordOverall Stuff23
Jeffrey CothernMovement vs Righties34
Jordon GibbGap vs Lefties910
Russell HillStuff vs Righties56
Russell HillControl vs Righties45
Russell HillControl vs Lefties34
Russell HillOverall Control45
Shannon JungControl vs Lefties67
Markus KottContact vs Righties23
Anthony KrakerContact vs Lefties34
Anthony KrakerEye vs Lefties23
Juan Losada Jr.Strikeouts vs Lefties67
Russell LucusEye vs Lefties910
William MerkelOverall Power12
William MerkelContact vs Lefties12
William MerkelPower vs Lefties12
Warren MoonStuff vs Lefties89
Robert MoroneyStrikeouts vs Righties45
Robert MoroneyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Robert MoroneyOverall Strikeouts45
Donald MorrowMovement vs Lefties56
Cory NixonEye vs Lefties34
George PlazasVelocity45
Jacinto QuintanaStuff vs Lefties54
Jacinto QuintanaMovement vs Lefties34
Pedro RaoControl vs Lefties56
Joel SalvaggioOverall Control910
Joel SalvaggioControl vs Righties910
Joel SalvaggioControl vs Lefties910
Ryan ShorStuff vs Lefties89
Caleb SinkGap vs Righties45
Caleb SinkOverall Gap Power45
Robert SwigartOverall Control12
Robert SwigartMovement vs Righties78
Robert SwigartMovement vs Lefties78
Robert SwigartStuff vs Lefties23
Robert SwigartOverall Movement78
Robert SwigartControl vs Lefties12
Sean UbarriStuff vs Lefties67
Sean UbarriOverall Stuff67
Aragorou YachiOverall Contact34
Aragorou YachiGap vs Righties56
Aragorou YachiGap vs Lefties56
Aragorou YachiContact vs Righties34
Aragorou YachiOverall Gap Power56
Aragorou YachiContact vs Lefties34
Milwaukee Brewers
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Jose AlvaradoOverall Gap Power45
Jose AlvaradoPower vs Lefties12
Jose AlvaradoStrikeouts vs Righties12
Jose AlvaradoOverall Power12
Jose AlvaradoOverall Strikeouts12
Jose AlvaradoContact vs Righties23
Jose AlvaradoGap vs Righties45
Jose AlvaradoContact vs Lefties12
Jose AlvaradoGap vs Lefties35
Jose AlvaradoPower vs Righties12
Padoreigu AtshushiOverall Strikeouts45
Padoreigu AtshushiEye vs Lefties34
Padoreigu AtshushiStrikeouts vs Righties45
Clifton GodwinEye vs Righties34
David LongControl vs Lefties12
Charles LuizOverall Movement76
Rick McSweeneyOverall Contact56
Mark MorrowOverall Power45
Mark MorrowPower vs Righties45
Evaristo OcampoGap vs Lefties78
Evaristo OcampoOverall Gap Power78
Segundo PiņeiroOverall Eye34
Segundo PiņeiroPower vs Lefties78
Segundo PiņeiroEye vs Righties34
Segundo PiņeiroEye vs Lefties34
Brice RiffleStuff vs Righties34
Adrian RodarteOverall Control23
Adrian RodarteControl vs Righties23
Adrian RodarteControl vs Lefties23
Robert SatterleeOverall Contact34
Robert SatterleeEye vs Lefties34
Jude StarkeyGap vs Lefties45
Jude StarkeyStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Jude StarkeyPower vs Righties12
Jude StarkeyPower vs Lefties12
Jude StarkeyOverall Power12
John WilliamsOverall Contact23
Minnesota Twins
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Talent Developments
Jose SanchezPower Talent13
Rating Developments
Orestes AquinoOverall Power12
Orestes AquinoGap vs Righties45
Orestes AquinoOverall Gap Power45
Orestes AquinoPower vs Righties12
Orestes AquinoOverall Eye12
Orestes AquinoPower vs Lefties12
John ArceneauxGap vs Lefties45
William BangOverall Power67
William BangPower vs Righties67
William BangPower vs Lefties67
Jason BarretOverall Contact23
Jason BarretGap vs Righties45
Jason BarretOverall Gap Power45
Jason BarretContact vs Righties23
Chris BlairOverall Contact34
Chris BlairContact vs Righties34
Jose CardonaOverall Eye78
Jose CardonaOverall Gap Power56
Steven CharboneauMovement vs Lefties67
Steven CharboneauVelocity67
Steven CharboneauMovement vs Righties56
Clyde CheckControl vs Lefties910
Clyde CheckOverall Control89
Clyde CheckMovement vs Righties87
Clyde CheckOverall Movement87
Clyde CheckControl vs Righties89
Anthony ChickContact vs Righties23
Anthony ChickOverall Contact23
Irving ChristensenStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Irving ChristensenPower vs Righties23
Irving ChristensenOverall Strikeouts45
Irving ChristensenPower vs Lefties23
Irving ChristensenOverall Power23
Irving ChristensenStrikeouts vs Righties45
Charles EckerPower vs Lefties34
Gordon EdwardsOverall Stuff67
Gordon EdwardsStuff vs Righties67
William ElledgeGap vs Lefties67
Berny EspitiaOverall Gap Power67
Thomas FarnhamOverall Stuff23
Cecil FrazierGap vs Righties45
Cecil FrazierOverall Gap Power45
Cecil FrazierPower vs Righties23
Cecil FrazierEye vs Lefties12
Cecil FrazierPower vs Lefties23
Cecil FrazierOverall Strikeouts12
Cecil FrazierOverall Power23
Leo HernandezGap vs Lefties34
Leo HernandezEye vs Righties23
Robert HurleyControl vs Righties78
Robert HurleyOverall Control78
James LabelleOverall Strikeouts45
James LabelleOverall Gap Power34
James LabelleEye vs Righties23
James LabelleStrikeouts vs Righties45
James LabelleGap vs Righties34
James LabelleStrikeouts vs Lefties45
James LabelleGap vs Lefties34
Steven LewisControl vs Lefties45
Wilson LeybaMovement vs Lefties67
Michael LoughranPower vs Lefties45
Michael LoughranOverall Power45
Michael LoughranPower vs Righties45
Cary LucioStuff vs Lefties34
Cary LucioOverall Stuff34
Thomas McMannOverall Gap Power67
Jamie NattesGap vs Righties56
Jamie NattesGap vs Lefties56
Jamie NattesOverall Gap Power56
Thomas OsborneEye vs Lefties56
Thomas OsborneContact vs Righties45
Thomas OsborneOverall Contact45
Thomas OsborneGap vs Righties56
Thomas OsborneOverall Gap Power56
Jose SanchezStrikeouts vs Righties34
Jose SanchezStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Jose SanchezOverall Strikeouts34
Donald TinchMovement vs Righties34
Blas Valenti Jr.Eye vs Righties12
Blas Valenti Jr.Overall Eye12
James WadeOverall Control78
James WadeVelocity67
Nicholas WaytOverall Control89
Nicholas WaytStuff vs Righties54
Nicholas WaytControl vs Righties89
Nicholas WaytControl vs Lefties89
Keith WendtControl vs Righties78
Keith WendtControl vs Lefties67
Keith WendtOverall Control78
Keith WendtOverall Stuff34
New York (A) Yankees
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Octavio AcaronMovement vs Righties34
Ronaldo ArmentaContact vs Righties23
Ronaldo ArmentaGap vs Righties45
Ronaldo ArmentaGap vs Lefties45
Ronaldo ArmentaOverall Gap Power45
Axel CastroOverall Control67
Axel CastroStuff vs Righties45
Axel CastroStuff vs Lefties45
Axel CastroOverall Stuff45
Axel CastroControl vs Righties67
Jose ColmenaresContact vs Righties34
Jose ColmenaresOverall Contact34
Jonathon DavidMovement vs Righties34
William DobsonControl vs Righties56
William DobsonVelocity56
Samuel DominguezGap vs Righties45
Samuel DominguezOverall Gap Power45
Jeffrey DuranGap vs Lefties34
Walter FrankelStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Walter FrankelOverall Strikeouts56
Walter FrankelStrikeouts vs Righties56
Ronnie HackbarthGap vs Righties56
Ronnie HackbarthOverall Gap Power56
Melvin LeachStrikeouts vs Righties56
Melvin LeachStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Melvin LeachOverall Strikeouts56
Melvin LeachContact vs Righties34
Melvin LeachPower vs Righties23
Keith LedesmaEye vs Righties23
Zoilo LlerenaStuff vs Righties78
Zoilo LlerenaOverall Stuff78
Brian MarronStuff vs Righties34
Brian MarronStuff vs Lefties34
Brian MarronOverall Stuff34
Pedro MendezControl vs Righties12
James OrlandiOverall Contact23
Mariano RiveraContact vs Lefties12
Mariano RiveraGap vs Lefties34
Mario SantoraMovement vs Righties45
Mario SantoraOverall Movement45
John UhlControl vs Lefties89
John UhlOverall Control910
John UhlVelocity56
Eugene VitaleStuff vs Lefties34
New York (N) Mets
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Stephen AndersonOverall Strikeouts56
Stephen AndersonStrikeouts vs Righties56
John BoylandPower vs Lefties45
John BoylandOverall Power45
John BoylandPower vs Righties45
Ben CarreraOverall Stuff23
Ben CarreraStuff vs Righties23
Cosme EchevarriaGap vs Righties56
Cosme EchevarriaGap vs Lefties56
Cosme EchevarriaOverall Gap Power56
Arlie HenryOverall Power23
Arlie HenryPower vs Righties23
Arlie HenryPower vs Lefties23
Lucio MejiasContact vs Lefties67
Lucio MejiasGap vs Righties56
Lucio MejiasOverall Gap Power56
Roman MonroyControl vs Righties23
Michael RemickEye vs Lefties23
John SeoPower vs Lefties12
John SeoOverall Strikeouts23
John SeoOverall Power12
John SeoGap vs Righties45
John SeoOverall Gap Power45
John SeoPower vs Righties12
John SeoStrikeouts vs Righties23
Mac SudduthEye vs Lefties45
David VegaStuff vs Righties34
Doug WilsonStuff vs Lefties34
Doug WilsonControl vs Righties23
Oakland Athletics
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Wilfredo AguilarStuff vs Righties45
Wilfredo AguilarMovement vs Lefties45
Wilfredo AguilarControl vs Righties45
Wilfredo AguilarOverall Movement45
Wilfredo AguilarControl vs Lefties45
Wilfredo AguilarOverall Control45
Wilfredo AguilarMovement vs Righties45
Augusto ArmendarizStrikeouts vs Righties12
Augusto ArmendarizOverall Contact45
Augusto ArmendarizPower vs Righties34
Augusto ArmendarizOverall Power34
David BargerStrikeouts vs Righties34
David BargerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
David BargerOverall Strikeouts34
David BargerGap vs Lefties56
David BargerOverall Eye12
James BiggerstaffOverall Control23
Randy BlossomContact vs Righties67
Tommy EichnerOverall Eye23
Jimmy HartiganStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Jimmy HartiganOverall Strikeouts45
Jimmy HartiganStrikeouts vs Righties45
Mark LambertonGap vs Righties56
Mark LambertonOverall Gap Power56
Alan McCranieControl vs Lefties89
Samuel MoralesPower vs Righties23
Samuel MoralesPower vs Lefties23
Samuel MoralesOverall Power23
Tokukichirou TakamasaStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Tokukichirou TakamasaOverall Strikeouts45
Tokukichirou TakamasaStrikeouts vs Righties45
Orlando Generals
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Claudio ArceOverall Strikeouts12
Claudio ArceGap vs Lefties45
Claudio ArceOverall Gap Power45
Claudio ArceStrikeouts vs Righties12
Claudio ArceStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Claudio ArceGap vs Righties45
Alberto BaqueStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Steve BinderControl vs Righties45
Steve BinderOverall Control45
David BoutonPower vs Righties23
David BoutonPower vs Lefties23
David BoutonOverall Power23
David BoutonEye vs Lefties23
Walter BrucknerContact vs Lefties34
Walter BrucknerGap vs Lefties56
Walter BrucknerOverall Gap Power56
Damian CeballosEye vs Lefties23
Damian CeballosOverall Strikeouts45
Jamel EdelsonControl vs Lefties78
Kristofer JantzContact vs Lefties23
Richard KaminskyOverall Eye34
Jesse KelleyOverall Strikeouts34
Jesse KelleyGap vs Righties56
Jesse KelleyOverall Gap Power56
Jesse KelleyStrikeouts vs Righties34
Ellis MenchacaControl vs Lefties45
Ellis MenchacaVelocity67
Nicholas RotellaEye vs Righties45
Nicholas RotellaEye vs Lefties45
Nicholas RotellaOverall Eye45
Forest SchoolerMovement vs Lefties45
Tony SilvaOverall Strikeouts23
Tony SilvaGap vs Lefties56
Tony SilvaOverall Gap Power56
Tony SilvaStrikeouts vs Righties23
Tony SilvaStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Soh TadiyukiOverall Contact56
Soh TadiyukiContact vs Righties56
Daniel TateContact vs Righties34
Sebastian TrevinoEye vs Lefties67
Philadelphia Phillies
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Jose CabanillasControl vs Righties67
Bernie CortesOverall Eye34
Jeffrey FlowerOverall Eye12
Jeffrey FlowerStrikeouts vs Righties12
Jeffrey FlowerStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Richard JohnsonOverall Eye23
Richard JohnsonStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Carl LarryPower vs Lefties23
Carl LarryOverall Power23
Carl LarryPower vs Righties23
Tony LlamasOverall Strikeouts56
Tony LlamasContact vs Lefties23
Tony LlamasEye vs Righties23
Tony LlamasStrikeouts vs Righties56
Tony LlamasStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Melchor MeloMovement vs Lefties65
Raymond MerinoOverall Power34
Raymond MerinoPower vs Righties34
Raymond MerinoPower vs Lefties34
Blake MorrisOverall Strikeouts65
Blake MorrisStrikeouts vs Righties65
Blake MorrisStrikeouts vs Lefties65
Marcelo OcegueraOverall Control34
Marcelo OcegueraStuff vs Righties34
Marcelo OcegueraOverall Stuff34
Bill PerkinsonPower vs Lefties45
Raul RivaOverall Strikeouts56
Raul RivaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Raul RivaStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Julian RobertsonControl vs Righties45
Garret ToccoControl vs Righties23
Garret ToccoOverall Control12
Ariel VazquezOverall Contact56
David WeltyOverall Movement67
David WeltyControl vs Lefties56
David WeltyMovement vs Righties67
David WeltyMovement vs Lefties67
Fielding Developments
Carlos Lucero2nd Base Range75
Pittsburgh Pirates
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Mark BorowskiEye vs Lefties12
Mark BorowskiContact vs Righties23
Mark BorowskiGap vs Righties56
Mark BorowskiOverall Gap Power56
Napoleon CantonStrikeouts vs Righties34
Charles ConwayOverall Contact34
Charles ConwayEye vs Righties23
David CooperGap vs Righties56
David CooperStrikeouts vs Righties34
David CooperStrikeouts vs Lefties34
David CooperOverall Strikeouts34
Michael DelaneyContact vs Lefties34
Orlando DominguezOverall Gap Power56
Alden GernerContact vs Lefties23
Alden GernerEye vs Lefties23
Carlton GirouxMovement vs Lefties34
Michael HaskinStrikeouts vs Righties45
Michael HaskinStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Michael HaskinOverall Strikeouts45
Dave MoodyControl vs Lefties56
John RatcliffGap vs Lefties78
John ShawverEye vs Lefties23
Diego ShigochiyoOverall Contact45
Diego ShigochiyoGap vs Righties56
Scott ToddGap vs Righties67
Scott ToddGap vs Lefties67
Scott ToddContact vs Lefties45
Scott ToddOverall Gap Power67
Scott ToddPower vs Righties45
Scott ToddOverall Power45
Jerry UrichOverall Power34
Jerry UrichGap vs Righties67
Jerry UrichOverall Gap Power67
Jerry UrichPower vs Righties34
Mohammad WilkinsOverall Movement67
Mohammad WilkinsMovement vs Righties67
Mohammad WilkinsMovement vs Lefties67
Roberto ZavaletaContact vs Righties23
Roberto ZavaletaGap vs Righties45
Roberto ZavaletaGap vs Lefties45
Roberto ZavaletaOverall Gap Power45
San Diego Padres
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Benicio CadenaPower vs Lefties89
Alvaro CurbeloVelocity56
Ricky FabianoContact vs Righties67
Wilson FloresVelocity34
Pio GuadalupeMovement vs Lefties67
Andrew HankePower vs Lefties45
Andrew HankeOverall Power45
Andrew HankeContact vs Lefties34
Andrew HankePower vs Righties45
Gustavo JuarezEye vs Righties45
Gustavo JuarezOverall Eye45
William KammerOverall Movement45
Ronald KaplanControl vs Lefties56
Ronald KaplanOverall Control56
Bernard LeiserPower vs Lefties34
Bernard LeiserOverall Power34
Bernard LeiserStrikeouts vs Righties56
Bernard LeiserStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Bernard LeiserPower vs Righties34
Bernard LeiserOverall Strikeouts56
Fred MarcheseEye vs Lefties34
Rodolfo MestasStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Rodolfo MestasContact vs Lefties34
Rodolfo MestasGap vs Righties45
Rodolfo MestasGap vs Lefties45
Rodolfo MestasOverall Gap Power45
Thomas OutlawPower vs Lefties34
Thomas OutlawEye vs Lefties12
Thomas OutlawOverall Eye12
Jamie SchuetzPower vs Righties34
Jamie SchuetzOverall Power34
John SilerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
John SilerOverall Strikeouts23
John SilerContact vs Lefties34
John SilerGap vs Lefties45
John SilerStrikeouts vs Righties23
Jon StatesEye vs Lefties34
Jon StatesStrikeouts vs Righties56
Gary SuStuff vs Righties12
Gary SuOverall Stuff12
Nathan WallisOverall Movement45
Nathan WallisMovement vs Righties45
Nathan WallisMovement vs Lefties67
Paul YamashitaOverall Eye12
Collin YungOverall Gap Power78
Collin YungEye vs Righties23
Collin YungOverall Eye23
Collin YungGap vs Righties78
San Francisco Giants
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Jose ArangoContact vs Lefties23
Jose ArangoOverall Contact23
Michael BeggsControl vs Lefties45
Michael BeggsOverall Control34
Devin DaigneaultEye vs Lefties12
Devin DaigneaultOverall Eye12
Nathan FerraraControl vs Lefties23
Nathan FerraraOverall Control23
Herbert FrancisPower vs Lefties78
Herbert FrancisOverall Power78
Herbert FrancisEye vs Righties78
Herbert FrancisEye vs Lefties79
Herbert FrancisPower vs Righties78
Herbert FrancisOverall Eye78
Terrance HanselControl vs Righties56
Joseph LiraPower vs Lefties12
Joseph LiraOverall Power12
Joseph LiraEye vs Righties23
Joseph LiraEye vs Lefties23
Joseph LiraPower vs Righties12
Joseph LiraOverall Eye23
Brandon NewtonEye vs Lefties12
Brandon NewtonPower vs Righties45
Brandon NewtonPower vs Lefties45
Brandon NewtonOverall Power45
Leon RiosMovement vs Righties45
Leon RiosOverall Movement34
Manuel SanchezOverall Power78
Eugene ValtierraMovement vs Lefties56
Eugene ValtierraVelocity56
Mathew VivancoControl vs Righties45
San Juan Shipwrecks
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Ariel AriasOverall Gap Power67
Axel ArmenguerPower vs Righties12
Axel ArmenguerPower vs Lefties12
Axel ArmenguerOverall Power12
Axel ArmenguerGap vs Lefties34
Axel ArmenguerContact vs Righties23
Axel ArmenguerOverall Gap Power34
Orlando BadilloPower vs Lefties23
Orlando BadilloOverall Power23
Orlando BadilloStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Orlando BadilloPower vs Righties23
Gaby BarriosPower vs Lefties12
Gaby BarriosOverall Power12
Gaby BarriosPower vs Righties12
John BouchardOverall Control34
Ronald BowleyOverall Contact23
Ronald BowleyGap vs Righties56
Jose CamachoEye vs Lefties12
Matt CiscoOverall Control67
Benton DerrickOverall Strikeouts45
Pedro GonzalesStrikeouts vs Righties12
Pedro GonzalesStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Pedro GonzalesGap vs Righties56
Pedro GonzalesOverall Strikeouts12
Pedro GonzalesGap vs Lefties56
Pedro GonzalesOverall Gap Power56
Terrence HermanEye vs Righties34
Terrence HermanEye vs Lefties34
Terrence HermanOverall Eye34
Terrence HermanStrikeouts vs Lefties67
Terrence HermanOverall Power45
Matthew LawsonOverall Gap Power89
Amando MartinaGap vs Righties45
Franky MoralesGap vs Righties34
Franky MoralesGap vs Lefties34
Franky MoralesOverall Gap Power34
Franky MoralesPower vs Righties12
Gaspar MoralesControl vs Lefties34
Gaspar MoralesMovement vs Righties45
David MorejonPower vs Lefties23
David MorejonOverall Power23
David MorejonGap vs Lefties45
David MorejonOverall Contact23
Juan PoplinOverall Gap Power56
Jamaal WhyteControl vs Lefties12
Roque XiquesContact vs Lefties34
Seattle Mariners
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Paul BoomerOverall Strikeouts12
Paul BoomerContact vs Righties23
Paul BoomerGap vs Righties45
Paul BoomerOverall Gap Power45
Jeffery EsparzaPower vs Lefties12
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Power12
Jeffery EsparzaContact vs Righties12
Jeffery EsparzaGap vs Righties34
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Contact12
Jeffery EsparzaGap vs Lefties34
Jeffery EsparzaPower vs Righties12
Jeffery EsparzaOverall Gap Power34
Rayford FerrerOverall Eye23
Jason HarmanContact vs Righties34
Jason HarmanOverall Contact34
Victor HeardGap vs Righties65
Victor HeardContact vs Lefties23
Juan HidalgoOverall Stuff910
Juan HidalgoStuff vs Righties910
Juan HidalgoStuff vs Lefties910
Ronald JardineContact vs Lefties34
William JohnsonMovement vs Righties78
William JohnsonMovement vs Lefties78
William JohnsonOverall Movement78
Geraldo LopezContact vs Lefties34
Geraldo LopezEye vs Righties12
David MartinStuff vs Lefties12
Alberto MonteroControl vs Righties23
Alberto MonteroControl vs Lefties34
Alberto MonteroOverall Control23
Rodrigo MurilloContact vs Lefties67
Rodrigo MurilloPower vs Lefties56
Rodrigo MurilloStrikeouts vs Righties56
Rodrigo MurilloContact vs Righties56
Fred RandolphPower vs Lefties34
Fred RandolphOverall Power34
Fred RandolphPower vs Righties34
Eduardo ResendizStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Ralph RossOverall Power12
Ralph RossPower vs Righties12
Ralph RossPower vs Lefties12
James SabatinoPower vs Righties56
James SabatinoPower vs Lefties56
James SabatinoOverall Power56
James SearcyContact vs Righties45
James SearcyEye vs Righties23
James SearcyStrikeouts vs Righties56
James SearcyStrikeouts vs Lefties67
James SearcyOverall Strikeouts56
Dennis ThompsonContact vs Righties45
Dennis ThompsonOverall Contact45
Jonathan TillotsonStrikeouts vs Righties56
Jonathan TillotsonStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Jonathan TillotsonOverall Strikeouts56
St. Louis Cardinals
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Talent Developments
Cristobal TellesContact Talent54
Cristobal TellesStrikeouts Talent64
Rating Developments
Victor AquinoGap vs Lefties45
Jerry BauerOverall Eye34
Robert BesseyOverall Gap Power34
Robert BesseyStrikeouts vs Righties45
Robert BesseyStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Robert BesseyGap vs Righties34
Robert BesseyOverall Strikeouts45
Robert BesseyGap vs Lefties34
Bill BlaisdellMovement vs Righties78
Bill BlaisdellMovement vs Lefties67
Luciano CarpenterOverall Stuff43
Max CastilloGap vs Lefties89
Max CastilloOverall Gap Power89
Max CastilloGap vs Righties89
Jeffrey CurrenContact vs Righties23
Jeffrey CurrenContact vs Lefties23
Jeffrey CurrenOverall Contact23
Raymond DarganContact vs Lefties45
Raymond DarganStrikeouts vs Righties34
Raymond DarganStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Chad DavenportPower vs Lefties56
Vaughn FenimoreMovement vs Lefties45
Stanley FreemanOverall Contact34
James GermanContact vs Lefties45
James GermanGap vs Righties56
Vernon HaaseVelocity45
Edwin HuntOverall Contact76
Elliott JanesOverall Strikeouts56
Elliott JanesStrikeouts vs Righties56
Elliott JanesStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Justin JenningGap vs Lefties67
John LanderosControl vs Righties45
John LanderosOverall Control45
Ray LatourEye vs Righties34
Ray LatourOverall Eye34
Juan MoradoVelocity78
Thomas MorrisseyStuff vs Lefties45
Thomas MorrisseyMovement vs Righties34
John OdonoghueContact vs Righties32
John OdonoghueEye vs Lefties45
Freddie SainzControl vs Lefties34
Freddie SainzOverall Control34
Michael SoderquistEye vs Lefties23
David SwangerOverall Control34
Don TavaresGap vs Lefties45
Don TavaresOverall Gap Power45
Don TavaresGap vs Righties45
Juan VolpeStuff vs Lefties56
Peter WinburnStrikeouts vs Lefties56
Peter WinburnPower vs Righties56
Peter WinburnOverall Strikeouts56
Peter WinburnPower vs Lefties56
Peter WinburnOverall Power56
Peter WinburnStrikeouts vs Righties56
Fielding Developments
Don TavaresShort Stop Range34
Cristobal TellesShort Stop Range23
Cristobal TellesShort Stop Fielding PCT0.9670.969
Texas Rangers
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
William AlejandroStrikeouts vs Righties56
William AlejandroStrikeouts vs Lefties56
William AlejandroOverall Strikeouts56
Walter ArguellesGap vs Righties78
Edward ArledgeOverall Power12
Edward ArledgeGap vs Righties34
Edward ArledgeContact vs Lefties23
Edward ArledgeEye vs Righties12
Edward ArledgePower vs Righties12
Edward ArledgePower vs Lefties12
Basil BasalduaContact vs Righties45
Basil BasalduaOverall Strikeouts34
Basil BasalduaContact vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaPower vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaGap vs Lefties34
Basil BasalduaStrikeouts vs Lefties23
Gary BoyntonOverall Contact34
Jim BriggsOverall Eye34
Jamie DemarcoContact vs Righties34
Jamie DemarcoOverall Contact34
Jamie DemarcoPower vs Righties34
Jamie DemarcoOverall Power34
Clemente FeijooOverall Stuff45
Armando FerreroContact vs Righties34
Armando FerreroContact vs Lefties23
Michael FloresMovement vs Lefties34
Cordell GallardoOverall Strikeouts34
Cordell GallardoPower vs Righties34
Cordell GallardoOverall Power34
Cordell GallardoGap vs Lefties45
Cordell GallardoOverall Gap Power45
Orestes GarciaControl vs Righties34
Orestes GarciaOverall Control23
Orestes GarciaMovement vs Lefties45
Orestes GarciaOverall Movement56
Richard HolyfieldMovement vs Righties45
Richard HolyfieldMovement vs Lefties67
Steven IbrahimOverall Strikeouts56
Arden KalerOverall Stuff56
Arden KalerMovement vs Righties34
Arden KalerMovement vs Lefties34
Arden KalerStuff vs Righties56
Arden KalerOverall Movement34
Arden KalerStuff vs Lefties56
James KershawContact vs Righties45
James KershawContact vs Lefties34
James KershawEye vs Lefties34
Wade LockettStrikeouts vs Righties34
Silverio MolinaOverall Strikeouts67
Silverio MolinaGap vs Lefties67
Harvey PartidaPower vs Lefties23
Harvey PartidaOverall Power23
Harvey PartidaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Harvey PartidaPower vs Righties23
Raul ReyesControl vs Righties23
Jeffrey RonanOverall Eye45
Jeffrey RonanGap vs Righties78
Jeffrey RonanOverall Gap Power78
Luis SavinoOverall Movement67
Luis SavinoStuff vs Lefties34
Luis SavinoMovement vs Righties78
Harold SchroederMovement vs Righties45
Ronald SingletonStuff vs Lefties12
Ronald SingletonOverall Stuff12
Ronald SingletonVelocity56
Percy SwartEye vs Righties23
Willie WalbornVelocity45
Billy WalburnControl vs Righties45
Billy WalburnMovement vs Righties89
Billy WalburnMovement vs Lefties78
James WolfControl vs Righties23
James WolfControl vs Lefties12
Toronto Blue Jays
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
James AndersonStuff vs Righties45
James AndersonStuff vs Lefties45
James AndersonOverall Stuff45
Samuel CanadaStrikeouts vs Lefties12
Samuel CanadaOverall Contact23
Samuel CanadaGap vs Righties45
Samuel CanadaEye vs Righties23
Wilson CancioStrikeouts vs Lefties78
Armando DiazOverall Movement45
Armando DiazMovement vs Righties56
Alfonso EscaleraStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Alfonso EscaleraOverall Strikeouts45
Alfonso EscaleraStrikeouts vs Righties45
Justo EscobarOverall Eye23
Melvin FoltzEye vs Righties56
Stevie FoxControl vs Righties45
George GellerStrikeouts vs Righties45
George GellerStrikeouts vs Lefties45
George GellerOverall Strikeouts45
Andre HernandezOverall Movement45
Andre HernandezMovement vs Righties56
Saul LingerfeltGap vs Righties56
Douglas MarcianoControl vs Lefties45
Douglas MarcianoOverall Control45
Douglas MarcianoControl vs Righties45
Robert McMurryStuff vs Righties23
Robert McMurryOverall Stuff23
Derek MenchacaControl vs Righties45
Derek MenchacaOverall Control45
Judson NapperStrikeouts vs Lefties45
Adolfo RiouxOverall Control23
Edward SonPower vs Righties34
Edward SonPower vs Lefties34
Edward SonOverall Power34
Oscar UseraGap vs Righties35
Oscar UseraGap vs Lefties45
Oscar UseraPower vs Righties13
Oscar UseraOverall Gap Power35
Oscar UseraPower vs Lefties23
Oscar UseraOverall Eye23
Oscar UseraOverall Power23
Donald WarrenStuff vs Lefties34
Donald WarrenControl vs Lefties34
Donald WarrenMovement vs Righties45
Donald WarrenOverall Movement34
Washington Senators
PlayerRating TypeOldNew
Rating Developments
Willie AllenOverall Strikeouts56
Willie AllenGap vs Righties67
Willie AllenOverall Gap Power67
Willie AllenStrikeouts vs Righties56
Juan CorradoEye vs Righties34
Phillip DelacerdaStrikeouts vs Righties56
Alvin Duhr Jr.Overall Contact23
Alvin Duhr Jr.Power vs Lefties12
Alvin Duhr Jr.Strikeouts vs Righties23
Ivan FerrerOverall Gap Power34
Ivan FerrerPower vs Lefties12
Ivan FerrerStrikeouts vs Righties34
Ivan FerrerOverall Power12
Ivan FerrerStrikeouts vs Lefties34
Ivan FerrerGap vs Righties34
Ivan FerrerOverall Strikeouts34
Ivan FerrerContact vs Lefties12
Ivan FerrerGap vs Lefties34
Ivan FerrerPower vs Righties12
Caleb LissStuff vs Righties67
Caleb LissControl vs Righties67
Caleb LissOverall Control67
Pedro MayaGap vs Righties56
Pedro MayaGap vs Lefties56
Pedro MayaOverall Gap Power56
Luis PinckneyOverall Control23
Donald VercherOverall Gap Power45
Donald VercherPower vs Righties34
Donald VercherPower vs Lefties34
Donald VercherOverall Power34
Donald VercherGap vs Lefties45