16 July, 2007 by admin.
CIN: Adios Pete Rose, Reds Make Changes

Sad news out of Cincinnati today. Pete Rose retired yesterday. Some say the losing took a toll on the soon to be 90 year old. Others say the drinking, gambling and hookers were too much of a distraction. Pete was happy he got a second chance to manage. Sadly it took until he was 89 years of age. Thanks for the memories Pete.

Taking over for Rose as manager will be Ryne Sandberg. Hall of Famer Sandberg will take over immediately.

Reds have cleaned house and it's now time for youth to be served.

Joining the big club this week will be.....


We're looking forward to seeing the following in the future. Just not yet.
2nd ranked prospect in NGBL Ramirez

9th ranked prospect Arenas

Also on the horizon...
11th ranked(31st overall) pitching prospect SP-Ballew

17th ranked(40th overall) pitching prospect SP-Camarena

67th ranked prospect

70th ranked...

Some of these guys are better bets(that's for you Pete) than others. But the goal last season was to breath some young talent into this organization while losing the dead wood. So far, so good. I don't care for losing. Which I will still do with the young ones. But better to lose with some maturing players than with the old crap I had before.
Before these moves, we had the top farm system. That's great but it doesn't mean shit until they do something in the bigs. Go Reds!!!

Current Champion

Manager: Joe Lalley
Past Champions (SIM)
Yr Team Record
30 New York Mets 99-63
29 Chicago White Sox 91-71
28 Pittsburgh Pirates 114-48
27 Orlando Generals 106-56
26 Pittsburgh Pirates 122-40
25 Pittsburgh Pirates 110-52
24 Pittsburgh Pirates 106-56
23 Arizona Diamondbacks 94-68
22 Washington Senators 97-65
21 Atlanta Braves 94-68
20 Mexico City Red Devils 94-68
19 Las Vegas Outlaws 98-64
18 Pittsburgh Pirates 107-55
17 Los Angeles Dodgers 91-71
16 Canada Blue Jays 91-71
15 Boston Red Sox 105-57
14 Chicago Cubs 116-46
13 Chicago Cubs 104-58
12 Oakland A's 92-70
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Jim Thome Awards
American League

Andy Compton
(2B)Seattle Mariners

A season for the ages earned Seattle's second baseman Andy Compton the American League Jim Thome Award this year. Compton has hit 46 homeruns this year while batting .332. He adds 52 doubles, along with 146 runs scored. He's 8th in the American League in batting, 1st in homeruns and 1st in RBI! Compton wins the award for the 2nd time in his 7-year career.

National League

Eduardo Zamora
(2B) New York Mets

It was a day to remember for New York (N)'s Eduardo Zamora, who won the National League Jim Thome Award today. It put the finishing touches on what has been a tremendous season for the slugger. He has hit 47 longballs while batting .374 this season. His 224 hits and 67 walks add up to a .442 on-base percentage. He's 1st in the National League in batting, 6th in homeruns and 1st in RBI! Zamora wins the award for the 3rd time in his 5-year career.

Cy Young Awards
American League

Joey Flores
(SP) Chicago Whitesox

Chicago (A)'s lefty Joey Flores was untouchable all year long. His work paid off today as the American League named him the Cy Young Award winner! His ERA of 2.28 helped him to a 26-4 record this year. He struck out 223 and walked 31 in 268 innings. Joey has pitched 2 shutouts and 3 complete games. He's 1st in the American League in ERA and 1st in wins! Flores wins the award for the 3rd time in his 7-year career.

National League

Reid Daves
(SP) Chicago Cubs

All the hard work finally paid off for Chicago (N)'s Reid Daves as well. The southpaw was named the Cy Young Award winner in the National League today. His ERA of 2.68 helped him to a 19-8 record this year. He struck out 164 and walked 88 in 215 innings. He's 4th in the National League in ERA and 2nd in wins!

Rookie of the Year Awards
American League

Ali Hepp
(LF) Milwaukee Brewers

Ali Hepp will never forget his first full season. The American League was convinced that Milwaukee's leftfielder, 26 years old, should be the Rookie of the Year winner of 2031. Hepp has hit 20 taters this year while batting .299. He adds 35 doubles, along with 97 runs scored.

National League

Timothy Ware
(3B) Cincinnati Reds

The National League Rookie of the Year winner was announced today as well, with Cincinnati's third baseman Timothy Ware earning the trophy for putting up the best numbers among rookies in his league. Timothy is hitting .292 this year, with 171 hits in 586 at bats. He has driven in 56 runs, slugging .408.

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